October 6, 2017
By pink-- BRONZE, Chesterfield , Virginia
pink-- BRONZE, Chesterfield , Virginia
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life is strong but so are you

Dehaviland lived in a low income Apartment complex where there was a lot of Drugs and Violence, in her area many. kids of her age did not care about getting an education at all. but Dehaviland was determined to get a good education ,her dream was to be a teacher  Dehavilland had a passion to be a music teacher at age of 5 old she was forced to smoke and drunk by her friends but she knew she was different she knew that if she wanted to make it in this world she had to focus and keep her eyes on the prize when she was 8 years old she was raped by her mother's boyfriend.  her mother believed her boyfriend despite what she said her mother kicked her out the house at the age of 15 years old Dehaviland moved in with her grandmother. her grandmother was always there for her no matter what. In 9th grade she was an  A honor roll student in all of her honor classes her teacher saw she had potential . and her 9th  grade teacher talked to the princl about getting Dehaviland  promoted  she was a 15 years old in 12th  grade and she was 16 years old when she graduated high school her grandmother was proud of her , she had a scholarship to college. she planned to earn her bachelor's degree. At the age of 20 she had decide to be a music teacher at UCLA california college she wanted to help others accomplish their dream whether it was to be a singer or playing an instrument.  she then moved in a one bedroom apartment when she had time she would always visit the children's  home in california because she knows how it felt to feel neglected to the point where you would want to kill yourself but she told them to hold on because there will be obstacles in your way and you're going to have to decide whether you will fight or whether  you will quit.  she wanted them to try there best on everything they do.the lesson is “no matter where you come from or what you been through is where your going and if anything comes in your way be strong  to stand up the it ”   

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