Think Fast

March 28, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a perfect spring day. So perfect, I thought nothing could go wrong. It was around 75 degrees, with a cool breeze blowing through the trees, ruffling the pages in my book. My brother and his friends were playing basketball across the street. I could hear them calling out plays. All of a sudden, the noise and clatter stopped. I could no longer hear them playing, and when I looked up they were all gone. I poked my head in the door and yelled for mom and dad, but no answer came. I tuned my ears to nature, but heard nothing, except for a whisper that was saying, "Think Fast! Think Fast!" I immediatley thought that Michael and his friends were playing a joke, a sick one at that, but then I saw a bloody basketball roll out from behind the fence. I jumped up and ran to the fence and got there just on time to see IT dragging one of Michael's friends off. IT looked at me and smiled to most evil smile you can imaging, IT's teeth were red with blood, IT's breath smelled metallic, and IT whispered "Think Fast." And threw the dead, cold body at me. I dove out of the way and tackled IT. I whispered in his ear, think fast, and using my iron fist, and fear, I punched... but IT disintegrated. I thought my mind was playing tricks so I went and checked out Michael's friend, no pulse. So, I wasn't dreaming. I searched for the rest of them but couldn't find a thing, except puddles of blood. I ran to the house and called the police. When they arrived, I told them everything. They thanked me and collected clues, evidence, ect. That night as I lay in bed, in my tears and sweat, my fear, I heard the door to Michaels room open, and his computer turn on. I ran in to find a message on the screen, "Think Fast" I could smell something like metal, and when I looked up, I saw Michael's samurai sword coming at me, and IT was laughing.

That's when I woke up to see fresh, scarlet blood, splattered on the walls and could hear IT repeating like a taperecorder, "thinkfastthinkfastthinkfast..." Everything went black and I could hear my Mom screaming and the wail of sirens, but I knew, I didn't think fast, so it's all over. I will never get the chance to think fast. Will you?

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