Going Bald

March 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I heard this story from my best friend’s ex boyfriend. His girlfriend Alyson had an obsession over her hair. She brushed it every chance she got and washed it at least three times every time she showered. She would brush it five times in the morning, once every hour at school, and at least twenty times before she went to bed. He had always told her that she was going to go bald one day if she kept brushing her hair like she did. Alyson would just laugh at him and blow him off because she knew it wasn’t possible.
One day when they were hanging out he noticed that her hair was all over him. He gathered it all in his hands and showed her. She gasped as she grabbed the hair. She had never seen so much. Immediately she thought of what her boyfriend had told her. She ran to the bathroom and saw an empty patch where her hair had fallen out. She ran back to her boyfriend and started freaking out as he sat there rolling in laughter at her. She left his house and went to the doctors to find out how this could of happened. The doctor had never seen anything like it, but he asked her questions about her hair, and what kind of shampoos and products she used. She told him Herbal Essences. The doctor sent Alyson on her way and told her he’d let her know what was wrong when he got the test results.
A few days passed and Alyson had a message from the doctor after school. He said that the different chemicals in her shampoo were what caused her to lose her hair. Alyson immediately ran to her bathroom and threw away her shampoo and half the hairbrushes she owned. Never again would she wash her hair more than once or brush it more than three times a day.

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