October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Sometimes I yearn to burrow beneath the blankets and let my worries vanish.

Bu they won't. So I don't.


Sometimes I wish I had superpowers, and my fears would be too afraid of me to scare me ever again.

But I don't. So they won't.


Sometimes I wish I were a queen and I could declare that bullies have to disappear.

But I'm not. So they won't.


Sometimes, I want to talk to my reflection, thinking it might respond.

But it won't. So I don't.


Sometimes I want to doodle in math class, willing my creation to come to life.

But it won't. So I don't.


Sometimes I just want to sing, sing, sing, because I might be able to hold a note if I try.

But I know I won't. So I just don't.


Sometimes I want to adorn myself in fine jewlery and look beautiful.

But I'm not. So I don't. 


One day, I kneeled at the altar, my cheeks shiny with freshly fallen tears. Then my Heavenly Father said to me,

"My beautiful child, you are so very precious. Don't let the world ruin your daydreams and wishes, for they are delightful. My sweet, I AM the king. One day you shall see my kingdom, and you shall live with me there. My wonderful child, your spirit is quiet and gentle, and that kind of beauty is irreplacable. Cling to me, my sweet daughter. You have a place in Heaven!"


Thirty years later, I stood at my Father's side. He smiled down upon me. "You thought of me your whole life, sweet child. Now you are rewarded; you shall live in my kingdom for all eternity."


Down in the world below, I could see a young girl on her knees at the altar, discouraged and lost in the midst of the world. "Hang in there," I said. "Keep your eyes on the prize, for you will be paid back for all that you give.

The author's comments:

The Lord gave me this story to write when I was in fourth or fifth grade. It began as a story for a good friend, but now, He has been speaking to me so much about how He is a loving and faithful Father. I hope "Sometimes" touches you:)

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