October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

November 31, 1984
“Push Honey!! You got this! It’s ok!” Jax Night says gently to his wife stroking her hair. Small beads of sweat form along his black hairline. His wife, Nicky, yells out in pain and her messy brown hair gets more tangled than it is as she squirms squeezing Jax’s hand. She releases one last push and a baby lets out a wail as it is being born.

Doctor Goldstein holds up the baby smiling, “It’s a boy!!!”

Jax triumphs with joy and tears stream from his blue eyes as he jumps up. Doctor Goldstein gently hands the baby to the nurse beside him and she walks off to the other side of the room cleaning up the little boy. He then cleans up and fixes up Nicky giving her some sleeping medicine through an IV and wheels out the tools and soiled material to the sanitary rooms. Jax sits by Nicky holding her hand smiling, “You did good Honey.. Get some rest. You need it. I love you..” He says softly kissing her on the forehead.

Nicky smiles weakly, “I love you too Jax..” she mumbles and her eyes gently close. Jax stands walking to the small bed that contains his son. “Welcome to the world… Brian Barnabas Night..” Smiles Jax.

?????November 18, 1999
“Wake up!!” shouts Jax slamming Brian to the ground holding his head down. “I-I’m up!” shouts Brian in pain.

Jax forcefully stands up Brian making him stagger he then storms out of Brian’s room slamming the door. Brian groans softly rubbing his bruised arm struggling to stand.

He walks over to his closet and pulls out his green Space Invaders long-sleeved shirt and slides it over his bruised body. He slowly moves his hand to a pair of black ripped pants. Slivering them on, he winces covering his horizontal scars and wounds on his thighs.

Brian walks over to his bed and puts on the black and white Converse that rest on the floor. He looks over in the mirror and ruffles his shaggy black hair. Wiping a tear from his soft blue eyes, he grabs his black backpack and climbs out his window and starts walking to school.

?After school, Brian walks into the local gas station, Skippies. He slumps to the back of the store to the energy drinks and grabs himself a classic Monster. He slowly walks up to the front counter and looks the cashier in the eyes, “The Sticks please..” He mumbles.

The cashier nods sliding him a pack of cigarettes and his Monster. “$3.75, aren't you a lil young to be smoking?” The cashier questions. The kid slides him $4 and adds, “Keep the change. By the way, it's none of your damn business.” Then walks out.

He shoves the cigarettes in his right pocket and clutches the Monster. Brian’s ears perk up as he hears a familiar rumbling of wheels quickly approaching him from behind. He sighs shortly and shoves his left hand in his pockets walking faster. “Well.. Well.. Well.. Look who it is!! It’s lil’ Brian!!” Shouts the long-haired blond jock that goes by the name, Alex.

“Hey little man, what are you doing on my turf?” Alex sneers, hopping off his jet black skateboard, kicking it up in his hands.

“Leave me alone Alex..” Brian mumbled, shoving him out of his face.

“Tough guy, huh? This’ll teach you a lesson punk!” Alex swings his skateboard, bashing it against Brian’s head sending him to the ground.

Brian struggles to stand and Alex kicks him down, “Give me all you got kid..” Alex chortles. Brian weakly rolls the Monster to him and his hand drops as Alex snatches it. He sneers at Brian and kicks him in the gut skating away guzzling the sugary drink. Leaving Brian on the ground almost for dead as his eyes close softly.

?After a few hours, Brian slowly gains consciousness from his place on the pavement. He sits up, slides the cigarettes out of his pocket, and opens the pack, “Damn it… Broken…” He throws the pack into the street. His eyes swell up with tears from the pain that flows in his head.

He slowly stands picking up his torn backpack and starts walking home with the street lights as a guide. He slowly approaches the side of his parents window and sees them on the ground injecting heroine in their bloodstream. Brian bolts to his window opening it slowly and climbing through quietly.

He closes it, tosses his bag in the corner, slides out of his pants and stands in his boxers. Looking over to his nightstand, he hesitates grabbing a fresh razor blade and swiftly slices it across his soft pink thighs with tears streaming down his face. He sets down his blade and has six fresh cuts on each thigh and he dries off the blood and, puts on a pair of sweatpants.

Brian jolts at the sound of his mom and dad starting up a fight and he sits on the side of his bed. Covering his face sobbing silently, he hears his parents door slam open. Brian quickly bolts to his closet climbing through a small gap that is within the wall and puts up a board to protect him.

“WHERE ARE YOU, YOU DISGUSTING ANIMAL?!?!” shouts out Jax slamming open Brian’s door.
Jax pulls up his torn jeans and his bare chest is covered in sweat. He sniffles and a faint white line of powder streams from his nose.

“Get out here now!!! Do as I say you lil’ shit!! I know you’re home!!” Yells Jax tearing through Brian’s room, flipping his bed and finds Brian’s razors. “Ah-ha!! So this is what you have been doing you worthless slob!! If you really want to die then I will buy you the rope!!” Jax chortles slamming open the closet doors. Brian scooches back as far as possible but only moves a couple inches. Whimpers softly and brings his knees to his chin.

“Here piggy, piggy, piggy… I only want to hurt you!!” he chuckles harshly.
Brian gulped softly breathing as soft as possible. Jax growls and stands at the entrance of Brian’s room.

“I’m gonna getcha in the morning… You can’t hide forever..” he says slamming Brian’s door. Brian slowly climbs out of his hiding spot with a tear stained face and stands at the entrance of his closet scanning his trashed bedroom.

“I fucking hate him so much..” He mumbles. He walks over to the table where his razors lie and picks them up, “I could end this all right now..” Clutching them he looks at the small drops of blood drawing from his hand and throws them out the window. “Never again..”

To be continued in Volume 1 part 2

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