October 20, 2017
By jackbos21 BRONZE, Trindad, Texas
jackbos21 BRONZE, Trindad, Texas
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For every bad memory there is a good one to make up for it

 10:00 A.M. on a Sunday, I got up, ate breakfast, cleaned up my house, then sat down for a little bit and watched T.V.
My parents came in and told my brother and me, “Get ready, boys. We’re going to town.” Once we reached our small town, Dad asked me, “Where do you want to go to eat?”
  I said “ I want to go to Subway.”
Dad looked at me curiously. “Out of all choices in the world, you want Subway?”
I said, “I guess.”
My stepmom, Amber,  butt in. “How about Applebee's?”
  I answered, “I’ve never been to Applebee's.” 
We went to applebee's and me and my dad got a steak and my step mom and brother got chips and a corn dog.
           Then we went to a flea market, looked around and saw some pretty dogs, but they cost a lot. At 5:30, we went home. Dad took my sister out to eat, and I watched the Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams football game. As usual, the Cowboys blew a big lead and and lost,  35 to 30.
            It was 2 in the morning. I woke up screaming, thinking was it just a dream. I had a long day planned, but I could not sleep. I went to my kitchen to get a bottle of water, and that’s when I saw it: the thing from my dream.  It was so hideous and trying to kill me in my dream. Now that I saw it in my kitchen, I was scared
But there was something weird: it was not trying to kill me; it did it not see me. . .or am I still dreaming? Then I grabbed a bottle of water, then it turned around and saw me I took off running.
            It was running after me, trying to eat me, so I ran into my bedroom and shut the door. It pounded on my door for 10 minutes. After I heard it stop, I opened my door to see where it had gone, but I did not see it any more. after I turned on my bedroom light and saw that whatever it was, it was now in my sister’s bedroom.
            I ran into my sister's bedroom and saw the monster about to eat her. I yelled at it and It took off running at, me I run back to my bedroom. This time it ran through my bedroom door. It was roaring, getting ready to eat me but luckily, I had toys and football’s to throw at it. I threw the toys at it and took off running into my kitchen, but when it was running after me, it stopped and went into my sister's room.
            I started to pound on the ground trying to get in my sister's room, but when I got there, it was too late, she was gone, and the monster was laughing. I screamed, “Noooo!” But then I realized that the monster did not see me,  until I screamed again.
            I ran away from it but this time the monster stopped chasing after me and went into my brother’s room. I ran into my brother room , but when I saw him eating my brother. Then something weird happened. It grew like the size of them combined. Then I realized that every person the thing eats it will grow in size. I turned on my brother’s lights, and the thing disappeared.  I was searching for it then across my whole house I heard my baby brother screaming  Who was in his baby bed in my grandparents room.
            I ran into their room and saw the thing eating them. I realised it was scared of the lights and it can teleport. It saw me and I raced, outside It, was chasing after me I took off running up my road and was going to my neighbors house to get them, but then I stopped. I looked at it chasing me and I zoomed to behind my house. Went into my house through the back door and grabbed my flashlight. Then I chased  after the thing.
           The thing picked me up about to be ready to eat me, but before he could I shined my flashlight in his face. I did this hoping I could teleport where he goes to see when he teleports. He teleported into my bedroom into my closet . Then I shined the light at him three more times and each time he teleported into the same place so the forth time i shined my light at him he teleported away but first I jumped out of his hands.
           Then I grabbed all of the lights I could find seen the thing looking for me sneak into my closet set up all lights on. Then I yelled at him and he came running at me So I put my flashlight in his face. He then teleported away into my closet. I heard  a lot of screaming coming from my closet. After a hour I open my closet door and seen it dead and all my family scared in my closet together. Then I take all of them out they go back to their rooms then I seen it again but this time it grabbed me to fast and I had no light.
            Jest as I was going into it mouth my sister's woke me up for school. I woke up thinking I can’t believe it was it all just a dream. I went to school came home and was thankful it was all a dream.          

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