Packed Lunch

March 26, 2009
By Lindsey DeMarco BRONZE, Elyria, Ohio
Lindsey DeMarco BRONZE, Elyria, Ohio
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This is the story true story of what happened to my best friend’s cousins girlfriends little brother. His name was James; he went to some school in Idaho. Every single day his mother packed his lunch. James sat at a lunch table where the kids decided if they wanted to pack or buy their lunches. So one day James asked his mother if he could buy his lunch the next day, she told him no. James went up to his room and found his piggy bank. He opened the bottom of it and spilled some change out on the floor. He counted out three dollars and put it in his book bag.
The next day at school James bought his lunch, it was one of his favorite’s corn dogs. He sat down and ate his entire lunch. He was extremely satisfied with himself once he finished it. James went to the rest of his classes and then on the bus ride home he began to feel sick. As he stepped off the bus he could barely walk, his stomach hurt so bad now.
Once inside his house he cried to his mother that he went behind her back and bought a school lunch. His mother as irate as she was also seemed nervous. She asked him exactly what he ate and he told her, a corn dog, a side of fries, and milk. James’s mother told him a story of when he was in the first grade and she gave him money to buy a lunch. She told him that that day he came home from school feeling very sick. She said that he was so sick he threw up what he had ate for lunch, fish sticks. She paused and looked at James trying so hard not to cry she told him that the fish sticks had turned back into fish and they were alive, they same in the toilet as he threw up more. James stomach turned as she explained the story in great detail. James and his mother went into their upstairs bathroom and James tried so hard not to think about how bad his stomach hurt. He worried if the fish stick situation would happen again and he hated himself for not just listening to his mother. James stared at the toilet bowl and his stomach hurt more than ever. Looks like James was going to find out what hotdogs are really made of.

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