Jasmine's Choice

October 19, 2017
By Dinaye BRONZE, Hemet, California
Dinaye BRONZE, Hemet, California
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 Once upon a time in a far away kingdom called Vas Legas there lived a princess named Jasmine. Every night the princess would go to sleep and have wonderful dreams, but last night was different. Last night she had a nightmare. It was a horrible, dark, unforgettable nightmare that made her feel uneasy. The nightmare started off as just a dream. She was walking around the castle picking sunflowers while feeling the gentle breeze in her hair. Then all of a sudden a breathtaking monarch butterfly landed on her hand. She was delighted and filled with joy at the beautiful creature. While she was admiring its beauty she heard a rapid RATATATAT; then it went completely silent again and all she could hear was the gentle breeze. She didn’t know where the loud noise was coming from. She refused to believe the voice in her head telling her what the noise really was, “machine guns!” she thought.
       The silence was suddenly interrupted by a speedy RATATATAT! This time even though she could not see it  she knew it was being directed right at her. She tried to run. Oh how she tried to flee the scene for fear of dying, but she could not. It was as if her feet were nailed to the ground. She looked down at her legs to see that she had been shot. Blood was gushing out her body and then she like that she fell to flat to the ground. She screamed for help, but nothing came out, just silence. She tried to scream again, she used everything that was left in her to let out a forceful scream of terror, but instead nothing came out of her mouth: it was as if she was mute. She began to panic taking quick rapid breathes all around her was her warm blood. She knew she was losing too much blood and that she didn’t have much time left.
She thought, “I don’t want to die not here, not now, not alone.” Regardless of wanting to die or not she felt her body grow limp and become weary. Her eyes grew heavier with each blink of her eyes. Her breath was short and slow. Suddenly, a bright light, the brightest she had ever seen, surrounded her. In the midst of the bright light she heard a soft and gentle woman’s voice say, “You will make a life or death decision tonight.”
      Then, she awoke herself with her own horrific scream and found herself covered in sweat. She ripped off her blankets immediately after she awoke to reveal the lower portion of her body perfectly intact.
       “ It all felt so real”, she whispered to herself, “but what does it all mean?”
       The next night the princess got ready for the country ball. The king hosted the country ball at the castle every year to bring in the fall season. The whole kingdom came to celebrate with games, food, dancing, and of course Princess Jasmine’s favorite part of the country ball, the music. She curled her long brunette hair and put on some makeup to enhance her beauty. The princess then  put on a cinderella style dress that had the colors of a beautiful sunset. Once she was finished getting ready she headed down the white marble stairs, outside to the ball. When she stepped outside she had noticed the smell of sweet churros and salty popcorn with melted butter. She saw children laughing as they dipped their head in a bucket to retrieve apples. All the villagers were having such a great time and this made Jasmine very happy. She headed towards the sound of country music because she always loved being in a mob of people who shared her love for music. When she walked in  the crowd she became apart of them and they became apart of her. She looked around and noticed thousands of people in the crowd singing, laughing, and just utterly happy. Something deep inside her felt uneasy about being at the country ball, but she ignored, besides what could happen? The princess began singing at the top of her lungs to a song she loved. She could feel the vibration of the music pumping through her body. She was so happy and content in this moment. Suddenly, she heard fireworks. She began to turn her head to see the them because she always loved how fireworks brightened up the sky with their rainbow of colors, but when she looked back, she saw no fireworks. RATATATAT!The music stopped and she saw the musician run off stage with fear in his eyes. RATATAT! She heard terrible screams. People were running and ducking for cover. Everyone was piling on top of one another to avoid being shot at. Everything was happening so fast while Jasmine just froze in place terrified and unsure of how she would make it out of this alive. RATATAT!
“Jasmine you need to hide and keep yourself safe! Duck for cover!” She thought to herself.
She instantly placed herself on a pile of bodies, some of which were motionless, and others with sobbing faces and a horrified look in their eyes as they screamed for help. She was beyond scared what she felt in this moment was far beyond fear it was more than words could describe. She squeezed her eyes shut tight. Unexpectedly the machine gun stopped firing and only the screams, the horrible screams from helpless people and lost children could be heard.
“I need to get out of here!”, she screamed to herself, “You need to run Jasmine! NOW!”
Then again, as she was running for cover, RATATAT! She collapsed to the floor, her cheek pressed against the asphalt still fresh with the blood of strangers. She saw people running for their lives, yelling and weeping.
“MOMMY! MOMMY!” howled a young girl with tears streaming down her face.
“HELP ME PLEASE!” pleaded an elderly woman who had been shot on the side of her stomach.
She tried to get up to help the helpless people that surrounded her, but her body refused to get up. She looked down at the lower half of her body and saw blood gushing out of her thigh. She knew instantly she had been shot in an artery. Due to the adrenaline rushing through her entire body when she was running she knew that was why she didn’t feel any pain. But now the pain pierced deep within her as the warmth of the blood that was draining from her thigh began to surround her body. She used all that was left in her to let out a loud cry, “Somebody, anybody, please save me please!”
No one came to help her. Although people were all around her she felt so alone. Her eyes became heavier with each blink. It was as if her eyelids were concrete. Her breath was short and she could no longer speak. She held onto every breath for dear life. Then, she took her last breathe, shut her eyes and was surrounded by a bright peaceful light. Nothing but light surrounded her.
“Jasmine, follow me”, said a woman in a white flowy dress with light skin, blue caring eyes and long straight blond hair. Although princess Jasmine did not know this woman her voice sounded very familiar; the halo above the woman’s head and large breathtaking wings behind her made Jasmine feel safe. In the brightness both the woman and Jasmine walked side by side.
                                      “Why am I here and who are you?”
“I am an angel of death named Josie”, Josie grabbed Jasmine’s hand, looked her in the eyes and expressed to her in a kind voice, “an evil man shot at you tonight and honey right now your heart isn’t beating. Although you are here spiritually your body is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and the paramedics are trying to revive you. Jasmine you must know God has set your death date and today is not that day.”
Jasmine filled with confusion, “If today is not me death day then why am I dead? I-I-I  don’t understand.”
“God is the only one who decides when and where you will die, but he also gives people of the earth free will. The man who shot you ended your life sooner than God had planned. Whenever believers are killed by evil humans, God gives them a choice to go to heaven or back to earth. So, if I wanted to I could go back to living my life? yes, but you must understand once I send you back this means that you accept the death date which God has made for you. Yes, I accept it Josie. Josie offered Jasmine her hand and she took it, with her free hand Josie opened a portal which shined a bright light, as bright as the sun. Go ahead sweetheart walk through and you will go back to your life. Jasmine gave Josie a hug Josie felt warm and smelled like sweet coconuts. Thank you for always watching over me Josie. Now go on, I’m glad to do it. Josie said with a smile. Just as Jasmine walked towards the bright portal entered through the portal she stopped looked back and said, Josie what’s heaven like? Words can’t describe it. One day you’ll see! And although it meant she would die she was happy that one day she would go to heaven, not today. Today was not my death day thought Jasmine as she walked through the portal. Way up high in the castle sat the evil gun man. The room of the castle he was in was filled with more than twenty machine guns. He laughed an evil laugh and exclaimed, my work here is done as he put a bullet through his head. Right as he put a bullet through his head he saw a black figure with a smirk on its face. This figure was his death demon and had a deep voice and had a rotten stench that made the evil man’s nose scrunch up.
“Who are you?” the evil man said nervously as he filled with fear.
“I’m your death demon”, he said as he grabbed the man aggressively and threw him in a pit of fire where screamed he for help and experienced more pain than all the people he harmed combined.    
“Have fun!” the death demon said to him with the most cruel and evil laugh ever heard.

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