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October 19, 2017
By Ayanna Gauna BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Ayanna Gauna BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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My alarm goes off at 5:30am. The heavy obnoxious sound quickly wakes me up. I’m eager to get out of bed. The day had just started and I’m already excited for today. Today was the day we would defeat one of our rivals. I could trace it in the air. The smell of victory and accomplishment, as I pack my game stuff and get ready for school.
School was hype and all my teammates were excited. It felt as if the day was going by fast. When the last bell rang we were pumped and ready to play our hearts.We got on the bus to go to our opposing team's court. I was a starter and boy was I brimming with excitement. The energy pressed through my body. The game started and Pennfield had the ball first.
I was playing in the game. It was the first quarter. Proceeding down the court guarding my man. The feeling of playing the sport I love couldn’t feel better. Just the rush off the game and the dedication I had towards the game.
Timeout gets called and I run over to the bench to see if i'm still in. I rush into the game full of excitement. I get the ball on offence running in for a layup when I clash with a girl bigger than me. I make the layup but I fall hard unto the ground. My elbow had clashed unto the ground I was rolling in pain. I was helped off the court and rushed to the hospital.
Hours of lie and wait I finally was saw by the doctor x-rays are needed he said. When we get to the X-ray room and get my X-rays the doctor says, “I’m sorry but you’re gonna need surgery and you will be out for 2 weeks.” At that moment all I could do was stand there as if i was paralyzed. The thought of missing basketball games proceed roughly through my head.The thought of never being able to hoop again wasn’t even an option in my head. I went into surgery that same day. After the surgery and a few days later, I showed up to every practice wanting to play but my coach and I both knew that I couldn't.
The nix everyday of not being able to practice brought grief into my heart. All I could do was sit there in abasement watching everyone else practice. The thought of never being able to play the sport I love hit hard. The one thing I love possibly being taken away from me brought pain.When the two weeks were up I went to practice and played my fullest.
That Thursday we had a game coach put me in and my dedication showed off. I scored 15 points after being injured. Devotedness and hard work will get you a long way no matter the hardship. I never gave up on my dream even when I had a major set back. I was determined that basketball would forever be the sport I’d play as an outlet for all my other issues.

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