But He Loves Me

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

I was warned about the social pressures of high school, especially drugs of all kind, except the most powerful one of them all, called love. “Love”; it has such a strong ring to it. We fall into love so blindly. I got my first dose of love from one with deep brown eyes like the depths of space and a heartbeat that plays rhythmically from smooth to rough. He knows how to make everything better. His touch so tender, his voice so deep, his smile so sweet and best of all he loves me. Ofcourse, I love him too. I upset him often yet he still manages to love me. Sometimes I am afraid that he will leave me when I see the anger in his eyes, but he says that he would never, because he loves me. Some nights he caresses my arms softly and gently until I fall asleep. Other nights he twists it behind my back until it feels numb, but it’s okay, I know he only means well. He loves me. He gently kisses on my neck and takes my breath away, but most of the time he grasps it with his rough hands until I cannot breathe. I have pretty purple skin that has been given to me by my lover. At first, I thought it was kind of odd but he likes it that way, so why wouldn’t I? After all, he does love me. I upset him so he breaks things, perhaps my bones? It’s only fair, I was the one that angered him. But it’s okay because he loves me. He leaves a new imprint of his love on my body daily, can’t you see how much he loves me? How blind could you be? I’m telling you. He really loves me. He even gave me a new marking last night, even though I upset him, he still manages to love me. I walked in on him softly kissing on another woman’s skin, in our bedroom. She was wearing red lace and had pretty long hair, but her skin wasn’t purple like mine, so why should I be upset? He only really loves me. He even said that no other woman could compare to me, I’ve been the one since math class freshman year. Nobody could ever ruin our 9 amazing years together. Although I was aware that he loved me, I felt a sudden rush of jealousy and told the woman to get out after they were done, and that really upset him. He gave me a soft nudge at the staircase, but that’s okay, it was my fault, yet he still loves me. It didn’t even do much damage, I didn’t really like the shape of my nose anyway. Can’t you see? He did it for me, all because he loves me. My bones have healed more than twice, but he gives me love and I think that’s definitely a small price. He told me that the more my bones break, the stronger they heal. He is far more intelligent than me; which is why I never disagree with him. He knows better than me; who am I to question him? He only breaks me because he loves me. My sister questions his love so I wouldn’t dare tell her. She will get jealous and try to take my love away from me. Sometimes I feel death cut into my skin, but he saves me just in time. One dose of love causing a lifetime of addiction to my lover. My biggest fear is my lover leaving me. What would I ever do without my daily dose of his sweet and tender love? He’s been through a lot and I upset him often, but it’s not his fault. That is how he shows his love and I’ve accepted him for who he is. He takes my breath away, literally. He also has the generosity to fill me with life. You never really know the value of life unless it is almost taken away from you daily. I’m glad my parents never warned me about love. Or I would’ve never discovered my biggest addiction. I’ve got to admit though, I do feel a little dead inside, but my doses of love help me get by. But can’t you see? I found someone who really loves me.

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