Big Beautiful Yellow House

October 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Big Beautiful Yellow House. Looks like an average house on the outside but inside lurks dark secrets. Behind the doors lies an alcoholic father, abusive mother and two innocent kids raising themselves. You would never be able to tell these things unless you are the walls that lie inside the Big Beautiful Yellow House. Children hiding their bruises from teachers and friends, father hiding his disease from his boss and the mother putting on a facade for her housewife neighbors. From the outside you could call them the perfect family and would never be able to tell of these things, only if you were the Big Beautiful Yellow House.
Hi my name is Susan Grandifer and I live with my mom Janis, father Eric, and twin brother Ian and did I also mention I live in a beautiful yellow house. It is the nicest house on the block but on the inside hides secrets that we do not want to face. My mother abuses Ian and I and my father is an alcoholic. You wouldn’t be able to tell these things because according to my teachers and friends, my parents are perfect. In reality they are probably the worst parents in the world. The love us I know they do but they just can't get past themselves to love us like real parents are suppose to.
Uh-oh I gotta go mother is calling my name
“Yes mother?”
“You need to clean the house in 20 minutes and if the house is not clean in time you are sleeping in the garage tonight” says mother
“Yes mother, I will have everything done” says Susan hurrying to get cleaning supplies.
10 minutes later
“Susan get over here!” says Janis
“Yes mother?”
“It’s been 20 minutes and you still haven’t finished cleaning the house, I outta slap you stupid little girl”
“But it’s been only 10 min-”
“Don’t back talk me stupid little girl”
Mother doesn’t stop until she gets tired then she goes upstairs
This is my life and this is only the beginning.
The Next Day
A normal day for me is getting up at 6:30 a.m. along with Ian and getting ready for school. School starts at 8:30 but Ian and I have to wake up early to make breakfast for mother and father. We usually makes eggs, bacon, and pancakes or waffles but if we burn the bacon we get in trouble for it, and as said by mother the bacon is always burnt.
“This bacon is burnt again Susan, when are you going to learn to not  burn my bacon” says Janis, hitting Susan repeatedly in the head and kicking her back.
“Father please help me, please, i’m begging you” says Susan crying for her father to help her.
In the middle of mother kicking me in the back I look up and notice father laying his head down on the dinner table with another hangover probably. The I look to my left seeing Ian running upstairs probably trying to avoid getting hit by mother also
“Janis stop hitting the little twat, i’m tired of hearing her scream, she’s making my hangover worse than it is and I have to be at work in an hour”.
“Oh Shut up Eric I do what want” says Janis
Even though mother says that to father she stops and goes upstairs, she knows father is nothing to mess with when he has hangovers.
Once father leaves for work and mother leaves for a brunch with her friends Ian and I clean up father and mothers mess and head off to school. When we get in front of the building I tell Ian what I tell him everyday, “Don’t tell anyone about this, promise me”. Ian promises me he won’t then we head to our separate classes.
I have Mrs.Grumbledoor first hour and she is a nice lady but she always calls on me when i’m not raising my hand, I mean if I don’t raise my hand that means I don’t want to be called on. Half the time I do know the answers but if I were to raise my hand the arm part of my sweatshirt will rise down and people would be able to see my bruises on my wrist and arm.
Anyways we are suppose to be reading  Romeo and Juliet , this story is as easy as pie but I can barely focus, I am in lala land and of course Mrs.Grumbledore calls on me.
“Susan how does when does Romeo and Juliet off themselves?”
“Well, uhm, towards the end they do” Susan says nervously, stumbling over her words.
“SUSAN that is the wrong answer, I will be seeing you after class”
I just slump down in my seat embarrassed as the other kids laugh at me.
After class
“Susan I am very concerned about your behavior, you are a very smart girl and I would hate to fail you” says Mrs.Grumbledore
“Well you see what had happened was”
“What had happened was nothing, pay attention in class, I know you can do it”
“Okay I will try harder” says Susan
“Okay see you later Susan oh and study”
“See you later Mrs.Grumble-
While I am saying this I start to walk towards the door but I end up tripping over my own shoelaces and my sweatshirt and shift come up and before I even look up I know my back is on display and Mrs.Grumble Door can see all my bruises.
“Susan honey, I think we need to have a long talk”

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