Eric and the Sea

October 22, 2017
By C_Dee BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
C_Dee BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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Once upon a time, there was a prince from Denmark.
His name was Eric, with bright eyes and dark hair.
He inherits these traits from his mother.
His mother he knew nothing of,
because tragedy struck when Eric was very young.
His father was a king, great and strong,
but very prideful of his land.
His mother was a maiden,
who no one knew where she was from;
but whispers were that she was a goddess, born from the sea.
The king wed the maiden and had a son.
Word of his birth spread through the seven seas,
kings and queens came to celebrate his birth.
One king was especially fond to hear not of the child's birth, but of who the mother was,
This king was named Hav, he ruled pirates all across the ocean,
and he had recently lost his sister, nearly a year before.
While presenting a gift of a small ship encased in glass,
the King Hav, saw his sister, the wife of the king, and mother to the prince.
The maiden greeted her brother with open arms, but her husband was suspicious of his brother in law
That night the whole family slept under one roof.
The maiden with the voice of a thousand songbirds sang of her tales on the sea;
A week later king Hav left on a ship, but promised his return to his sister.
The maiden continued t sing of the sea to her son every night before he went to sleep
Two years past before the King Hav returned. Again bringing a ship encased in glass to his nephew.
When Hav returned he was shocked that another child had not been born to the kingdom
Hav demanded that his sister have another child, to rule in his place.
And he threatened that if another child was not born, he would take young Eric.
The King of Demark banished King Hav, but that only worried his wife more.
Eric's mother fell ill and died within the month.
The king vowed to not marry again, so he ordered that King Hav be killed if he entered Denmark again.
All was well and at peace, the os of his mother made eric sad, but he found comfort in sailing.
As Eric grew, his love of sailing grew as well, making the King wonder if he should have let his son go with his uncle.

The author's comments:

This was inspired by the little mermaid movie. It is important to know why Eric loved the sea, and I got tired of waiting for someone to give a reason why.

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