The Tunnel

October 19, 2017
By Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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What is the tunnel? The tunnel is a dark dark place. A place where there is only you and no one else. Just you standing there in the dark. But how do you get to the tunnel? How do you get led to this tunnel of darkness? Pain. Pain can bring you to this tunnel. It can not only bring you to the tunnel but lead you down it. Every day it can take you further than before.
Pain is evil. It can tease you. Sometimes there is a sliver of light. It gives you the slightest hope that there is an end to pain’s dark tunnel. You run towards it finally glad it is the end. As you get closer, the pain’s darkness smothers it out, leading you down a much darker tunnel.
What if you want out? How can you get out? You can scream and scream but no one listens. No one listens because they can not hear your cries for help. The tunnel holds all your pointless screams. It holds them so you can hear yourself in pain. It wants you to know not only that no one can help you but that you are in pain and can do nothing about.
Pain wants you. It wants to keep you from the light. Keep you from the good you long for. The tunnel traps you for what can seem like an eternity. So what is the tunnel? The tunnel is a dark dark place. A place where there is only you… and pain.

The author's comments:

One night I had a dream that I was trapped in a tunnel with no end. I screamed and screamed but no one came to help. Sometimes I feel like I am trapped with pain everyday. I feel that when something good happens, it is quikly stripped away with something bad. Sometimes i just feel stuck with the constant pain. I felt the need to write this because people can get trapped with pain and cant escape it. 

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