Perfect Rest

October 19, 2017
By hsyhtm BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
hsyhtm BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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It had not been long since I arrived; at this wonder of a place. Only a few hours had passed at most. But it was such a wonderful place, so beautiful and ornate. That must be why I felt so tried, drained of all but the ability but to just take in and admire my surroundings.
My body slumped with the effort, eyes drooping in preparation for the rest to come. This unnatural weariness weighting me down, making my mind to only focus on one thought.
My heavy gaze wandered the room in search, only stopping to rest on the magnificent bed placed in the center of the spacious yet, somewhat bare room.
But oh, how wonderful it looked. How big and soft and inviting; like coming home after a long, endless journey. It was open, waiting for my tired worn body to occupy and rest on its surface. 
The hardship of undressing and redressing in thin sleeping clothes was done, and with it no time wasted in entering the inviting embrace of the masterpiece.  My arms and legs bare, open to the feeling of the soft silk caressing my skin. Cocooning me in the strong, thick sheets of bedding.
I breathed in with a slow, full inhale; feeling my lungs fill with air. Then slowly exhaled. Peace and contentment entering and pulling my body to fully relax and meld to the soft fibers of the sheets.
Then, a small scratching sound. Coming from the far wall, small and soft; not threatening. Barely worth a passing thought. A mouse maybe? Funny, that a place like this would have mice.
Only... no.
Its louder now. The now harsh, sharp sounds gaining in volume and ferocity.  Forcing my eyelids to open and my heavy body to rise from my previous relaxed position. My head swiveled slowly around the dimmed room, not completely dark.
Had i not turned the lights completely off right before I lay down to go to bed? I guess I must have forgotten, yes that must be it.
And with that last thought my eye lids slowly drifted down bringing my body with it. Only to stop at the realization that the scratching had now stopped. And with passing curiosity I made to lean over the side of the bed, just a peek before I went back to sleep.
But as my body slouched over the side languidly I could feel the threads of silk from the sheets pulling taunt, restraining, holding me captive. Only just able to lean my body over the side, nothing more than that. But my objective wasn’t to escape, how could I ever want to leave this perfection that was a bed? And the rest that would come with such a perfect thing?
Impossible, simply unthinkable.
Surrounding me on all sides were the shadowy figures, they looked of multiple things hiding under a blanket. Their threat unknown, human like, and yet so completely inhumane.  and that fact made them so much more powerful, so much more terrifying.
Blank, emptiness was only present for a half of a second. I mourn its loss for the pure terror and panic that slowly crawled its way up and through my body until it was the only thing I consisted was hell. Too much, too soon.
Everything still, the next; movement. I slowly, dreadfully turned my head from my suddenly empty surroundings to the wide-open bed in front of me. So much space to fill.
There, perched on my lap; it stared at me from a mere centimeter from my face. One of the many perched on the soft, iron like blankets.
"Bed time."

The author's comments:

This was an assingment from my creative writing class that i kinda took and ran with. Once i started writing i didnt want to stop. Hope you enjoy!

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