October 17, 2017
By JazzyChrist BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
JazzyChrist BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
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"You don't have to wait for the big achievements to be proud of yourself. The small achievements help build a big one." -Unknown

I'm slowly sinking into the never-ending abyss of blue. Calmer than I thought...dying. Feeling the oxygen flow out of your body like blood from a serious wound. You suffer when you're struggling, afraid that you're going to die. But once you accept it and let it take over your being, it calms you. You become at peace with the idea of dying in a slow torturous way. I feel nothing.
I see the light... heaven? Or just the overly bright sun giving me false hope. Making me feel like I was worthy enough to make it into the perfect afterlife. The Hollywood after death, only certain people get in and stay in.
A creature, wide, round, long with a giraffe neck glided above my sinking body. Its gaze fixed forward. I feel like it's watching me. I feel like it has eyes on its belly, staring me down gently. I know it won't help me, only watch, maybe pray. If it knows how to.
Safe travels, makeshift whale. You go to your destination freely, while I accept the force of the deep sea to take me to mine. I watch it go as my last heartbeat echoed in my ears forever. 

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