October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

I’ve always heard of it being a conspiracy that you had seven people throughout the world that resembled all your features, however I had never known for it to be true. That was not until August 19th, 2001, this exact day at about 3 in the afternoon it happened.
I had recently been offered a job in which had to work in an office. The location in the building happened to be on the eighth floor, leading to me to have to take the elevator almost always. I was new around this place, actually August 19th was going to be my first day. That’s right I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
I made it there so nervous I almost walked into the wrong building. However to my excuse all the building look exactly alike, they all are even missing the same brick in the same spot. “ What is the worst that could happen?” I kept thinking to myself. I knew my worst fear was to not be accepted, however soon I would realize that wasn’t the case.
I walked through those doors and made my way straight to the elevator , my finger pressed “8” and it started up. My nerves came to a halt when the doors opened on the second floor. Someone walked in, instantly I had to take a double look. But, that wasn’t when it stopped it kept going and happening each floor until we landed on the eighth. Each one of us stood there unable to make out words.
We all looked the same. Exactly the same. From our chipped nail polish to the way our hair laid across our face. We couldn’t make words out, but that when the sound of a speaker with a voice said, “ Time for the experiment ladies?” muffled through the speakers.

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