The Graveyard

October 16, 2017
By Anonymous

I had this gut feeling that we shouldn’t have been here. However, I was the new kid in town and these girl’s adopted me into their group, I couldn’t reject them now. Well, one of them had the bright idea to go to the cemetery at night. Midnight to be exact. So, I obeyed and acted on board with the whole thing.
I showed up there twelve o’clock on the dot, at that pitched black, cold place of dead. “Let’s go in,” whispered Amanda with a slight smirk. She led the way as if she did this a lot. We started wandering about looking at all the headstones around us, though never staying to long on one. Each step we took into this place gave my body chills. The overall thought of stepping on decaying flesh and bones entirely spooked me.
BAM! A loud noise shook through the air around us. Before we could even have time to address what it was, a dim green light flashed near, accompanied by sounds of gun shots. Without command we all bolted off. Well, of course while I tried to dodge all objects in my path, I lost my balance. I ended up plunging to my hands and knees, unable to get up I realized something was hindering me from getting up. When I looked down the image before my eyes was a cold,dirty hand wrapped around my wrist that was protruding out the ground near a headstone. 
Before I could let out an indication for help, I heard a noise below that was connected to that hand muffle,” Act natural until they’re gone”.  I couldn’t handle all this, it was too much for me. My eyes rolled back in my head as my body flung towards the ground. I fainted.
I must've thought it was all a dream at first, because my first immediate thought was to get up and turn on the lights. However, I couldn’t get myself to move more than may be an inch from the lying position I currently was in. “What happened to me before this ?” I thought to myself. I heard a voice from above shout, “ Alright this one needs to be covered too”. The noises of dirt hitting the object I lied in settled in. I knew it was my turn to now be apart of this graveyard. 


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