The Magic Black Cat

October 14, 2017
By catphones101 BRONZE, Scotts, Michigan
catphones101 BRONZE, Scotts, Michigan
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One warm sunny day a girl with long dark hair and wearing a bright flowery dress was walking with her sister Katie.When suddenly a black cat was walking by and her sister said “stay back Lizzie a black cat is never good luck” but all Lizzie wanted to do was take that cat home and cuddle it all night long.

After they got back home Lizzie told every one of the black cats they saw on the way back.First, her father said just like her sister “You better have not said anything to a black cat or else it brings bad luck” then she decided to go to bed early because she had enough of everyone telling her what and not to do.That night when everyone was asleep she heard paw steps up the stairs; she was scared because they were too poor to own any pets.”Hello anybody there?” she asked once she thought there was no one, she was face to face with the black cat she saw during the day.
After a little bit of staring, Lizzie noticed something she did not notice before the cat had a necklace instead of a collar. When she looked back up the cat started to speak.”Why hello I believe we meet before” When there was no answer he or she continued, “I am Luna and I came here to ask for help, You see when people see black cats they think it’s bad luck but we are not and that's why I need your help. I will explain the rest when you're ready.
“I will but we will have to wait until tomorrow because that’s when summer starts”

“Okay, I will wait for you where we last meet Bye” And just like that she vanished.The next day Lizzie meet up with Luna the cat after school and had tons even hundreds of questions to ask about last night. Lizzie asked her parents that she could go to a house and they said yes you may. On their way to their adventure Luna, the cat asked"Our story of people thinking that we bring bad luck is that we like other cats were friendly until the witches came for black cats like us to use for collecting materials for there spells but then they cast a spell on us that whenever we are around humans they get bad luck except for witches and so far you have not experienced any bad luck so far."Lizzie asked, "So your saying I'm a witch?"Luna answered, "No no no no I am not saying you're a witch but you do seem very peculiar." While Luna was talking something caught Lizzie's eye.Lizzie said, "Hey, Luna whats that over there?"  She pointed to a very old looking building. "oh" said Luna "that's where we're heading to meet my family comes along now." When they got to Luna's house she had about 10 other siblings plus her parents."Hello human what brings you here?" Lizzie answered, "I was wanted by Luna because she thinks that I am very peculiar." While Luna's parents questioned Lizzie about how they meet, Luna came to a decision.  "Mom, Dad me and Lizzie are going to the old town to find the answers to why she is peculiar." Without Luna's parents answering Luna and Lizzie were out the front door and on their way to the old town.                                                                                             

The author's comments:

I became a cat lover and fell in love for magical things.

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