October 1, 2017
By OllyGayle123 BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
OllyGayle123 BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
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Sin was standing at the edge of a rocky cliff, the jagged stones and gleaming fragments of glass piercing the once soft skin of her feet. Peering down into the murky water, she couldn’t help but grin.  Death was but a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Tossing off her new, and very expensive, leather jacket, she stepped closer towards the edge. The plummet to an everlasting peace seemed imminent. She stuck out one leg in an awkward fashion as she turned a blind eye to the water.

She did not fear death. She feared having to see it over and over again through the span of a millennia. A non-stop soundtrack of an amazing mistake.

Looking back over her shoulder for just a heartbeat, Sin pondered if this was the right choice. She had a father, a family, that seemed to love her. But she could never love them. Not after all they put her through.

She closed my dead looking eyes, no longer gazing at her watery grave with distaste. It wasn’t the best way to die, granted, but it was a way out. She’d take any means of death at this point.

Sin spread her arms into a horizon like shape as she slowly began to tip backwards. A grin, wider than the sea she was about to fall into, fell across her lips like a mystic sort of dance. Sin felt herself falling, and falling and falling… Until she wasn’t anymore.

She waited rather impatiently for a splash that never came, waited for the water to envelop her like an old friend as she thrashed about in it’s calm embrace. Just daring to peek from behind her closed eyelids, she grimaced at the sight of an agitated angel. “Put me down.” Sin demanded, struggling wildly in his arms, but to no avail. She was stuck to him like gum on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Once we had safely reached land, he dumped her rudely onto the ground before landing and tucking his ugly feathered wings behind his back. “Screw you.” She muttered, dusting herself off and glaring at him with a pouted expression.

He took in a deep breath before giving me the same speech he always did. “Are you crazy?” He hissed, tossing a rock so hard it burrowed into the ground. “You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” He continued on with his speech, pacing back and forth and waving his hands to emphasize something.

Scrambling for her precious jacket, Sin suppressed a sigh, popping the gum bubble she had been working up since the beginning of his long, repetitive, boring, and crappy speech. Interrupting him, she spoke in a near growl. “Yeah, I know. That’s kinda the point, or haven’t you realized that by now from my many attempts at jumping off of this very cliff?” She stalked forward, looking much like a panther vying for it’s prey, now standing nearly nose to nose- er, nose to shoulder, as he was taller than her- with him. “After the first few times, it no longer becomes ‘an accident.’” She hissed, flicking a couple pebbles embedded slightly into her skin away.

The angel pushed a hand through his shaggy hair, further screwing with it’s surprisingly clean surface. She spotted some slight graying and faded areas, causing a bitter grin to find it’s way to her chapped lips. It gave Sin great pride knowing she was the one causing his stress. “Yes, I know. Your yearning for death is precisely why I’ve been sent to protect you.”

She shoved my hands into my well worn jeans pockets, shrugging her shoulders and nudging a feather, fallen from his wings, towards him. Sin gave him the cold shoulder when she no longer wanted to talk to him, which was a common occurrence.

“Sin, please. When are you going to realize that all I do, is out of love.” The angel reasoned, but in a much softer tone. Despite his attempt at a friendly approach, Sin still felt the smallest pinpricks of anger race through her.

“You sound like my dad, and his stupid girlfriend.” The dark souled girl crouched, picking up a particularly sharp rock, and hurled it at a nearby, rusted sign.

The angel didn’t seem at all fazed by her comparison of him to her deadbeat family members. He simply smiled, placing a hand on Sin’s shoulder, which she then ripped away. That action, however, caused his angelic grin to flicker at the edges, something almost no one in centuries had been able to accomplish.

He pressed his lips together in the meanings of a snarl, before gaining his composure once more. Instead of reaching for the young girl again, he clasped his hands behind his back, and leaned forward, so close that Sin could almost smell the angelic grace pouring off of him.

Cinnamon. And.. Lavender? She noted mentally, breathing subtly as not to let the angel know she was secretly smelling him, though he probably already knew. A weird combination… But I like it. I wonder if I could get a candle made out of that-- No. Sin. Bad. Stop being weird.

The angel peered into Sin’s eyes, narrowing his eyelids. He was so close Sin could see the flecks of gold and amber in his eyes. Why does he have to be so damn attractive. She realized with a grimace. If he were an unpleasant creature, I could easily escape him. I don’t know who wouldn’t want to be around him in this state.. Or form. Or whatever he is right now.

“Angels are beings of light, the embodiment of purity and kindness and generosity.” The angel explained, almost as if.. He were reading her thoughts. Sin facepalmed a bit. Of course he could read her thoughts. Is there anything he can’t do?

“Yes, actually. We can’t cross the border between Earth and Heaven without a god’s permission. Or if you’re like me, you have to be summoned by a person of great hardships and sorrow. Someone like yourself.” He unfurled a wing and bent it, so it poked Sin in the middle of her forehead.

Sin rolled her eyes, slapping his wing away and crossing her arms over her chest. “I didn’t summon you. And stop doing that mind reading thing. It’s creepy.”

“You may not have, but your soul did.” He shrugged, copying her attitude filled pose. “So here I am.” 

“I certainly don’t want you here.” The girl yelled, causing the angel, who always wore his heart on his sleeve, to jerk away and turn, staring into nothing. “If you no longer value my service as your guardian.. Then that’s fine.” He slipped his gaze back towards Sin, who seemed slightly taken aback by his new, odd, gravely tone of voice.

“You want to die so bad, go ahead.” He grasped at the young girl, sinking his clenching fist into the front of her not-so-white shirt and lifting her off the ground, causing her to shriek slightly.

He traveled the few feet to the edge and dangled the helpless human over it. “Die.” He let go, and Sin felt herself falling.. And falling.. And falling.

The author's comments:

I wrote the first part of this in my freshman year, in Honors English. I rewrote parts and turned it into what it is now. 

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