My Demons

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I knew it. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted them. I just had to fall right into their trap, and now here I am, trying to run for my dear pathetic life. My so called friends were actually Exorcists. I told them I could control it, the demon that sleeps in my heart. “Oh who, me”?
My heart leaped into my throat. He spoke!!! “Why me? Why did you have to choose me?” I asked. He just laughed a long spine chilling laugh. “Why do you think? You are the only mortal ever able to be possessed by a demon and, still be able to be in control at the same time, believe me I didn't want to take you either you're a low life who will never win my approval.”
I thought about what he said for a minute, then spoke “So why is it everytime someone tries to kill or hurt me you take control and protect me?” He was silent for a long five minutes. He finally responded, “ I already told you. You are a very unique mortal and if you were to die then I might never find another human that has the same ability as you.” After he said that I ran in silence. I ran into a house and instantly felt like a thousand arrows had shot into my body. What I thought was a house was a church. I instantly felt like I was about to collapse from exhaustion, but I knew if stopped now I would have a slow and painful death.
I heard someone walk in. Their heavy footsteps getting closer and closer. But wait I heard something else, something dragging on the floor, like metal scraping rock. My heart pounded as my mind started thinking of what was dragging on the floor.
I heard them laugh, a maniacal laugh that you would only hear in a horror movie. I saw them, he had a grey trench coat on and held a sword almost as long as his body. My blood ran cold as he stared in my direction. He moved with impossible speed as he lunged for me with his sword and grinning like a psychopath.
“Guess again”, The demon said as he took control of my body. My hand started turning into monstrous claws, my body started to turn dark all over, and I was filled with a killing instinct. The man still charged forward aiming his sword straight for my neck. I leapt out of the way with speed I never knew I had, and lunged back at him claws outstretched. I saw him just grin and sidestepped the attack and hit me in my stomach. I instantly felt mind numbing pain shoot through my body. He spoke in a whisper and giggled like he said a joke to himself, then saw his sword just float out his hand and flew at me. What the hell was that?, I thought. The demon responded,”An enchanted sword, hold on this is gonna get bloody”.
Terrified I just watched as what used to be my body was clashing with the psychopath and his sword. “He is too strong here I can already feel myself getting tired”, the demon said,”We have to run”. In an instant I felt myself be more in control of my body. I started to run to the doors, but the sword cut off my path. I am doomed this is how i'm gonna die! Wait a minute I saw the moon light through a hole in the wall “there”, I thought, and ran for it. I felt so tired, but I didn't let that stop me. I jumped and--
Awake. Again I had the same dream.

The author's comments:

I've always have been fascinated by the paranormal

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