Love Conquers All

October 2, 2017
By KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
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Do you believe love conquers all? The incredibly gorgeous goddess Aphrodite represents love and beauty. Love is what humans try to find, and without love the world would be extremely grievous. The ravishing goddess of beauty was exceedingly imperative for Greeks because whenever they wanted a mate ,or just love in generally they would pray to her. In addition when Aphrodite beautiful and magnificent doves flew there were always a enormous bright golden light behind her elegant doves. A lot of people does not believe in love which is devastating and abnormal. To believe in love you have to experience it. Being in love with someone definitely makes anyone supremely fortunate which is outstanding. Love is the key to life, and once the world understands this, the world would be more sufficient and peaceful. Aphrodite goddess of beauty can grant anyone the elegant and bright life of love, and she is the most gorgeous, beautiful, elegant, fascinating, loving, and desirable goddess of all time.

The author's comments:

Love is the most sufficient thing in the universe, and you have to experience love to believe it.

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