September 27, 2017
By Abbylita BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
Abbylita BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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I watch Dan pick up the silver horse shoe that I found on the ground. 

"Now you're snooping around stuff that is none of your business?" I watch as Dan looks at the silver horse shoe. 

"I just saw it on the bed with you and it didn't look to comfortable." 

I sit up and stick my hand up trying to tell him to give it to me. He takes a seat next to my bed and looks at my hand. 

"It's beautiful Amy just like you," he says looking into my eyes. 

I blush and look towards the wall I don't even say anything before he sighs and leaves. 

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was just standing there in the field one day not knowing where to look but found it impossible to leave. Suddenly I saw this flash of something in the air something it looked puffy and pink. The clouds were gray like they wanted to hide in a cocoon and never come out. It’s how I felt exactly so I just stood there and watched the pink cloud turn into a body of some form. It looked like a ghost of a horse with a stick on it’s head. The clouds kept getting bigger until they suddenly disappeared with something flying out of it. It flew until it landed right next to me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at the feet and they were hooves made out of silver. The legs were long and blue with a head had a white twirly cone coming out of it and it looked very pointy. The eyes were like a smoky metallic blue and the body was painted blue like it was it’s skin.
I just stood there and watched it walk closer to me. It lifted it’s head to my head and I lost myself in the smoky blue of it’s eyes. For some reason this is the very first thing that has made me feel safe in a very long time. I put my arms around the neck and put my cheek on it’s hair. It was so soft so beautiful I wanted to call it my own but it came out of the sky. Why am I thinking like this I don’t understand I should be running away right now not hugging it closer to myself. I want to call it something beautiful something that I would only think of calling it so it knows that it’s me everytime. “CloudWalker,” I said just thinking of names that I could call it. It liked this and it nuzzled my back with it’s mouth and I started laughing because it tickled.
“Amy? What’re you doing out here?” I looked at Dan and I was confused on what he meant. Did he not see the giant horse standing in front of me right now? I looked in front of me and she was gone. I looked closer at the ground and their was a horse shoe on the ground right in front of me. It was silver and pretty so I picked it up as a remembrance of my craziness. The one moment that I actually felt safe was just a dream I had made it up because I wanted to feel safe I longed for it. I turned around and started walking towards Dan but I suddenly felt very dizzy and couldn’t breathe. “AMY!” The last thing I saw was Dan running towards me acting like I was dying then it was pitch black.

Chapter Notes:

I haven't finished the book I only have one chapter of it so I'm sorry. 

The author's comments:

This book is not finished. I honestly am just doing it for an English project. 

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