The Wish

September 22, 2017
By lhdancer19 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
lhdancer19 BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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She wanted to run. She wanted to do everything she that was possible. But she couldn’t do anything except for lay in a bed and wonder whether or not she’d be alive the next day. The hospital was all she had ever known. She had to have help with eating, bathing and even breathing. She had been sick since she was born. She couldn’t learn how to even walk because she couldn’t leave her bed. She felt trapped. Her family stopped going to see her so often. They used to go every weekend, now they go once a month. She didn’t care anymore. She loved her hospital family, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to go outside. She wanted to feel the sun on her skin and catch snowflakes on her tongue. That’s all she wanted for her birthday. She was 17 and her birthday was in two days. She knew it wasn’t going to happen, but she dreamed it would. She went about the rest of her day like she normally did. A nurse brought her lunch and helped her sit up in bed and helped her eat. The nurse can back in an hour later to check her vitals, then left. Her teacher came in 15 minutes later and taught her for two hours. The nurse then came back again and helped her into a wheelchair and took her to take a shower. The nurse brought her back to bed and went to get her dinner. The nurse returned to help her eat, and then left again. She watched so television until she fell asleep. This was her life every day. It was finally the day of her 18th birthday. Three nurses went into her room early that morning and brought her breakfast. She wondered why the nurses were there to wake her so early. She ate and the nurses put her into a wheelchair and took her to the lobby and she began to get very confused. They started walking towards the door and a smile began to grow upon her face. It was dark outside. Her nurses were taking outside to see something incredible, something she had never seen before. Though most people see it every day, she didn’t. It was so beautiful to her and it made her eyes fill with tears of joy. Her wish had finally come true. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

The author's comments:

I relate to the girl in this story. She feels trapped in this hospital and sometimes I feel trapped and like I can't leave sometimes.

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