September 21, 2017
By JessLeMess BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
JessLeMess BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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 I like looking at you more than anything in the world.
You’ve got a lot of cute mannerisms about you. You always look at the floor when you open the door at the public library so you don’t trip over the latch. Though really you’ve always got that bow-headed demeanor about you, you’re particularly shy at the library. I suspect that’s because you tell your mom you’re spending all these hours studying yet old Mrs.Tapp the librarian knows you as her number one young adult graphic novel customer. All that suspense gets to you, I suppose, because you always walk to one of the nearby cafes after one of your “study sessions.” At the Starbucks by 7/11, you always get chocolate bread, but never heated up because you don’t like warm food with your cherry slushies that you always eat with a spoon rather than a straw. You don’t like many other sweets, though. You’ve always been a sucker for spicy food above all. You make some killer curry, that’s for sure. Your mom always uses a plastic cup when you make it so you don’t notice she’s drinking milk instead of her usual ruby grapefruit juice. I remember that time you met your match at the Pepper Palace by the borderline vacant novelty tourist gift shop, though. I giggled like a child watching you furiously attempt to scratch the California Reaper from your inflamed tongue. You complained about the death of your taste buds all day, yet that didn’t stop you from getting an order of General Tso’s chicken with a side of chili oil at our favorite takeout place for dinner. You might act like a bit of a wimp, but I think that might be my favorite thing about you because it highlights just what a resilient person you are. When your little sister’s dog Nancy died during family vacation, I couldn’t help but melt as you told her her favorite fairy tales with each main character conveniently swapped for an old golden retriever. Your fingers made the most intricate braids in her hair as your assuring voice comforted her. Your steadiness for those you love really is heartwarming, yet your gentleness could soothe even the most twisted of souls on every breath of your soft lips when you sleep.
Maybe one day I’ll introduce myself.

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I just wanted the end to tell it all in this one.

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