Descriptive Essay: Frodo

September 19, 2017
By GavenG BRONZE, Auburn, New York
GavenG BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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So often when we dive into the world of fictional literature, we find ourselves mesmerized and lost in the brilliant worlds constructed in the creative imaginations of writers.  Even more special is the intrigue of witnessing an unlikely, yet bold character facing adversity of immense size.  Regularly throughout works of fiction we see an ordinary or even meek individual withstand and face hardship beyond our imagination.  In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, written by J. R. R. Tolkien, we are introduced to such a character, called Frodo Baggins.  Frodo is a particularly special character because despite his stunted stature, he is able to demonstrate courage, determination, and tenacity in the face of evil and destruction.
    We are introduced to our hero to be within his homeland, The Shire.  There he is, relaxing underneath the umbrage of a tall, verdant tree.  The sunlight peers through the branches, casted on the pages that occupy his azure eyes.  His  hobbit feet rest in the lush grass of The Shire; his long, unkempt hair obscures his face until he looks up to greet his enduring friend, Gandalf.  He rises to meet his friend, yet he only stands a mere three feet off the ground, closer to the height of a child despite his senior age.  He gleams at his friend, unaware of the  arduous adventure and perils that await him.
    Frodo Stands at the foot of the Black Gate, the ominous towers seem as though they touch the sky.  He is clad in orcish armor, as to not be detected by his adversaries he so desperately must evade.  His scanty legs shuffle him along amongst his enemies who are unaware of his presence.  He passes through the black gate as if an ant would pass through your front door.  Surrounded in evil, the meager hobbit drags forward.
    Frodo reaches the fires of Mount Mordor.  His face has turned gray with ash, streaked with sweat and tears.  His long hair now snarled with dirt.  Hope nearly lost from his once gleaming eyes.  Step by step his tired legs carry him lethargically up the mountain.  The lava pouring down is a constant reminder of impending doom, but this small hobbit has the tenacity of a thousand men.  He carries on, the ring grasped in his slight hand, he will save Middle Earth.
    Victorious, he returns to the shire.  The small hobbit rides home on a horse far too large for him, but that sparkle has returned to his eye.  No longer do his scanty legs carry him up mountains but rather they carry him to dance with his friends.  The ash that once covered his face is gone, and his gleaming smile is all that remains.  In the face of evil and washed in despair, Frodo the hobbit, the diminutive little creature, saved Middle Earth.

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