September 25, 2017

I looked behind me and this one was faster than the rest of them. My name is Ramon I just turned 15, now let’s backtrack to how I got into this situation I was with my older brother Marco and we'd gone scavenging for food again because our group was running low. As soon as we walked into the factory we knew something was off, we just looked at each other and knew what was inside. You could smell it in the air, the scent of rotting flesh was in the air and you could hear the flies buzzing towards the right corner of the building.

We started walking towards the smell me with an arrow drawn and Marco with his axe raised. As we got closer and closer the smell got stronger and stronger Marco had started gagging, I punched him, and silently told him to shut up or we would make them aware of our presence. As we started to turn a corner we saw them, we had thought there was only one but from what I could see there were at least seven of them all bundled together sleeping. Marco panicked and started walking backwards around the corner not watching his step, he crushed a soda can.

One of them stood up immediately sniffing the air like a hound, and then he turned and faced in our direction and let out a screech so loud my head felt it would explode. The rest of them stood up and Marco started slashing with his axe killing two of them “not now!” I said. That’s when we heard a second screech that came from somewhere behind us and I pulled him and started running we took a couple turns and reached a gate I turned around to see how many there were behind us, I’d never seen so many of them all at once. They were coming fast from the end of the hallway. “Hurry up they coming” I told Marco as he beat the lock on the gate with his axe “why don’t you shut the hell up and help me!” he yelled back “sure let me hit it with an arrow dumbass” I said as I kicked the gate and it busted open he let out a sigh of relief and I pulled his shirt “it ain’t over yet buddy” I told him.

Once more we're sprinting and run into the middle of a street we recognized where we were and took a right. We ran for a little and I turned around and saw one of them, a speeder we called his type because he was faster than the rest. He was catching up quickly so I stopped aimed an arrow it was as if time slowed down I breathed in and let go, time came back to normal and the arrow went right into his left eye his body dropping immediately we took a left at central park. We were about a block away from where we were staying at Lexon hospital.

There are ten of us including me and Marco. There is Delaine, Alex, Fredo, Dom, McKenzie, McKenna, Zoey, and Madison. There used to be more of us but the younger ones died because they caught the disease, or simply of starvation or other sicknesses. “It’s getting dark we’ve got to get home now,” said Marco “I know let’s hurry,” I said. Those with the disease are more active at night and their physical capabilities rise so they are faster and stronger we found that out the hard way, the night me and Andrew (the first leader of our group) had gotten trapped and we fought as hard as we could but they were stronger than we had anticipated. Andrew ended staying and giving his life so that I could get away with the food and supplies I was 13 at the time. I cried the whole way back, Andrew was like a father to me. He taught me how to shoot arrows, tie knots, start fires, handle injuries. He taught me everything I know.

“We’re almost the..” “help!!!” somebody yelled from the hospital making me stop mid sentence. Marco looked at me and we once more started sprinting we busted through the front door and ran to the rooms where we were staying I had an arrow drawn, the door was at the end of the hall way I ran right though it taking the door right off it’s hinges. Delaine, my younger sister just stared at me “where is it ?” I asked looking around “where is what at?” said Delaine. Alex came out the other room “do you guys want to play too?” I realized they had just been playing their games. I couldn’t stop laughing. “so who yelled help” asked Marco, Delaine and Alex looked at each other and said “not us,” at the same time. “Help!!!” somebody yelled it came from upstairs I immediately stopped laughing. Marco was out of the room first. I told Alex and Delaine to stay in the room, and I quickly followed Marco.

We stopped in our steps when we heard someone’s anguished screams coming from a room to our left. Marco reached the room first and I walked in a couple seconds later, Maddie had been the one yelling, a walker was on her biting her leg, Zoey was in the corner of the room laying there lifeless. Marco chopped the walkers head right off his shoulders, blood splattered everywhere. I felt it on my face sticky and gooey, I started crying tears running down my face. Maddie just layed there she was unconscious “her’s too” I said. “What” said Marco “chop her head off and Zoey too.” “your really retarted if you think I’m going to do that! What the hells gotten into you?” he said. I snatched the axe out of his hands and walked over to her, tears falling from my face to hers I raised the axe and as I let it fall she opened her eyes “I’m sorry” I said and she just smiled. Her head rolled a couple feet, blood all over my clothes and shoes. I started walking towards Zoey and Marco grabbed my arm and I pulled away. I just stared at Zoey laying their on her side and I let the axe drop, her head rolled and stopped right next to Maddie’s.

I walked over to the door when something caught my attention the earing on the walker it was an eagle exactly like Andrew's. I walked to his head and with my foot rolled it over and it was him. I just fell to my knees and started sobbing, Marco picked me up and hugged me “we should get out of here” he said. I just walked out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone in another room. I raised the axe once more and walked in slowly it was a girl she was crying. I stepped on glass and she turned around it was McKenzie she looked at me and ran to hug me sobbing in my arms “are you okay?” I asked, she stopped crying looked at me with her green and blue eyes and said “I am now.” I picked her up and carried her downstairs. Once we got downstairs Fredo and Dom were waiting with Alex and Delaine but McKenna wasn’t their “where’s McKenna?” I said. “right here” she said as she walked into the room.

“Where is Maddie and Zoey?” asked Alex looking at me with his hazel eyes. “They’re gone” I said I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes. They knew exactly what I meant though “what do you mean?” asked Alex. Marco just stared at me with his green eyes I could see the anger in them, “everybody let’s go to sleep” I said. “Yeah we've got a long day ahead we’ll be leaving” said Marco. Everybody left the room and I put McKenzie down and she left too. It was just me and Marco he looked at me his eyes watering his face getting red by the second he dropped the axe and punched me in the jaw. I just stood their “how could you do that?” he said “it had to be done Marco you know that” “maybe she would'nt have turned” he said “oh really! Did you want to wake up 12 hours from now with her chewing on your body!?” “You should have waited so we could have discussed it” he said “There was nothing to discuss last time I checked I’m the leader” “whatever” he said and walked out. I layed down and fell asleep.

I woke up to someone gargling like somebody choking a drink and someone gripped my leg. I panicked and sat up. I saw McKenzie with her teeth in Alex’s throat he looked at me and I saw his eyes roll back and his grip loosen and he was gone . I stood up and grabbed Fredo's sword and decapitated her. I woke everyone and told them we were leaving. tThey never asked about McKenzie or Alex. Central New York use to be so crowded, the streets were empty, and we were walking through an alley when a walker got in our way. We turned around to run away but some came from behind. “Fredo Dom and Marco well have to fight get ready. Delaine and McKenna stay in-between us.” I shot all my arrows killing 7 walkers but was as if for every single one that was killed two took it’s place. I dropped my bow and pulled my machete out my backpack and started hacking away at as many as I could their were just too many of then and too little of us. “Fredo!!!” I heard Dom yell I turned around to find Fredo on the ground with walkers all on him. Marco tried to go get him and he got swarmed “no!!!” I yelled, I got so mad I started killing as many as I could. They came from behind and took down Dom and then Delaine. They tore Delaine to shreds like a rag doll. I felt one bite my leg and I knew I was done for. I fell and layed their I didn’t fight didn’t struggle I just layed their I knew it was over nobody was going to save the day because. We. Were. Alone.

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