Maia's story

August 30, 2017

It is 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a normal day. Ashley and her little brother Claudio were playing outside like they always did. All of a sudden, they heard a weird sound from their house. Their foster dad was screaming at Maia., their older sister, He said with anger,” Maia, why don’t you ever listen to me, for the 1000th time I already told you to finish up the dishes and clean the garage”; Maia responded with hate by saying, “I already told you I did. I finished 10 minutes ago. I was just taking a little break. Why did we have to be stuck with you, of all the foster parents, they gave me and my siblings the worst one of the pick”; Her foster dad slapped he for talking like that. He made her sleep outside like a dog. He didn’t give her dinner, nor did he let her say goodnight to her brother and sister. Morning came, still outside, she tried to enter the house but her foster dad had locked the main door. Went to the store liquor to ask for money. She was able to raise three dollars. Instead of buying food for herself she had bought her siblings their favorite food which was, Dunkin Donuts and a cup of milk. She knew that every time she had a fight with her foster dad her sister and brother didn’t get to eat either. She tried to enter the house though the back door but it was also locked. Instead, she went to her sibling’s room and passed the donuts and milk through their window. She said “Ashley, Ashley, it’s me Maia. Wake up Claudio and tell him to open the back door”; The back door is closed, he can’t reach the lock”, said Ashley. “Okay, eat the donuts, and share. When you get the chance you run, and meet me at the corner liquor “said Maia. Ashley agreed. It was already 7:00 in the afternoon when Maia saw them running towards them. Maia had a plan to run away with them and escape their evil foster dad, but they had forgotten their belongings. Maia had found an alley where they could spend the night. It was full of creepy, homeless people but it was better than the torture of their foster dad. As the day passed by, Maia had gone to their old house. She knew her foster dad wouldn’t be home because every day at 12:00 he would always go to get his pack of drugs and beer. As Maia entered the house she got only what she could carry. As she returned back to the alley, she saw that her siblings had disappeared. She got worried and dropped all their clothes. She just had to look around the corner and found them. ” You guys almost gave me a heart attack. Why did you guys leave?” said Maia. “Sorry, we were getting scared they’re by ourselves.” said Ashley and Claudio. “It’s okay just stick with me. We are going to go to a better place, where they will treat us good, we would not get hit any more, were we would “Maia paused, “Have a better life. ‘Days went on when someone noticed them. It was a happy couple. They took them to their house. They had finally found their home forever. As all the paperwork had been finished and they had been legally adopted, they had heard the great news. Their old foster dad had been arrested and went to jail for child abuse and mis care of his foster kids. Their troubles had ended. As they all said together, “We have found our forever home”.

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