The Great Escape

June 6, 2017

Four chairs sat in the back of a truck, each in one of the four corners. One was a red rotating office chair, cushion with foam. Opposite him, was a red high stool, with a plastic back attached. On his left sat a plush armchair, embroidered with a flower design. The last chair was simply oak. There they sat, each wondering why they had been shoved together in this particular space. Who are these others and why do they look so different from me? they asked themselves.
The rotating chair observed the stool in front of him. “He and I look pretty similar”, he thought, ”Maybe I should approach him.” Though uncertain, the rotating chair proceeded to move towards him. The red stool eyed him suspiciously. When the rotating chair stood directly in front of him, the stool looked down on him and said:
“What do you want?“
“Erm—well you see, I was just over there and I noticed that you and me look pretty similar, so I was wondering if we could team up, ” the rotating chair replied.
“He’s right. Maybe it’d be a good idea to make alliance if I want to survive” The stool thought. “Alright, ” the stool told him.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, the armchair and the oak chair sneaked  glances at each other when they thought the other wasn’t looking. The oak chair, small and frail, quickly cast his eyes to the ground when the armchair looked over. Just then, he noticed the newly acquainted pair of chairs making their way towards his. He shrank further back into the corner.
“Hey you! We want to get out of here, you got any idea how?” said the office chair.
“There’s no use asking him, he’s not worth anything to us. Look at him”, the stool cut him off. Then he proceeded to observe the armchair who had remained in her corner.
“That’s unfair. They shouldn’t be able to push me around like that”, the oak chair realised. With a sudden burst of confidence, the oak chair shuffled forward and bumped into them intentionally. His momentary confidence vanished immediately when they turned around with a look of fury.
“Who do you think you are, squirt?” they demanded as they closed in on the frightened oak chair.
  “Stop!” someone called out abruptly. The armchair positioned herself between the pair of angry chairs and the petite oak chair. “How do you expect to work together when you turn against the weaker?” Her stern voice had a tinge of compassion in it, making her sound almost motherly. “We are stuck in the back of a moving truck going to the garbage dump.” Her words shocked the remaining three.
“We need to get out of here!” The office chair was visibly starting to panic. He rolled back and forth in the confined space.
“And to do that, we need to work together. Listen, I know we all have our differences, but we are the same deep down. We can not let our physical differences get in the  way of working together,” she continued.
Though there was no verbal agreement, it was clear that there was on thing to do. “Gather around everybody. See this tiny hole over here? It is the only way we can get to the latch thats locked us in from the outside. However, we all can’t fit through it”, explained the armchair.
“Perhaps I can help.”, the oak chair said, as timid as a mouse. ”I can fit one of my legs through the hole and work my way through the latch.” He lifted one of his legs up to demonstrate. With the others’ approval, he proceeded to stick his thin wooden leg into the hole. A few moments later, they hear the slide and “click” noise of the door unlatching.
The stool gave the door a kick with his leg and it opened up to a view of a shabby neighbourhood. As the truck rumbled by, the trees hung their head as if they were holding something weary in their heart. “How are we supposed to get off while the truck is moving?” the stool asked.
“I have wheels, I can easily slide off the ramp”, said the office chair.
“If you carry me, I could easily hold the others on my lap”, suggested the armchair, gesturing at her wide cushioned lap. They got moving. They carefully positioned themselves at the top of the ramp, and when the truck slowed at a bend, the stool used his long legs to give them a push off the ramp.
  In the distance, the sky was a warm orange glow, slowly fading to the dark night sky, with just a hint of the moon. Though the car was going considerably slowly, they landed in a heap in the middle of the road. The sun retreated below the horizon inch by inch as they helped each other
“We should probably find somewhere to stay for the night,” the oak chair broke the silence. The others nodded unanimously. On that decision, they walked down the sidewalk towards the little patch of sky that still possessed some light. Together.

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