Haunted Ballerina

August 17, 2017
By Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
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Much Madness Is Divinest Sense To A Discerning Eye- Emily Dickinson

The Song that plays forever. She dances. She runs. Forever the little ballerina never shall she rest. The Tune softens, and becomes the familiar monster that haunts the air of the damp cathedral. Her bones are tired. Her heels are worn. Her head is dizzy, but she will never stop. She twirls. The air is calm, disturbing, and filled with the sound of music, and her crying. Yet she continues the agonizing dance. She leaps into the air, and comes down softly. Her legs want to cave. To break. To give in. She won’t let them. Her Bones begin to snap apart, and yet she still gracefully dances. The song controls her. It uses her. When she cries, is when the music goes deeper. The piano comes to it’s peak. The Violins are screaming, and she finally does it. She falls. Her head smashes against the hard cold stage. Blood pours from it. Her legs shatter into a million tiny glass fragments. The light around her grows slowly dimmer. She can taste the blood rising in the back of her throat. She smiles peacefully. She is dying. She can no longer her the music playing, although she knows it is. She will no longer be apart of the miserable cycle that her life was bound to. Dying was the sweetest reward she has ever been given. Her heart breaks from how weak she is. All the dancing in the world would never feel as artistic as that very moment. The moment the weak cave, and die surrounded by their own blood. She never ate, nor slept. She only danced never knowing the fate that lay before her. She dies. In that moment her last breath is drawn. A tear of joys falls idly from her face. Her body is frozen in time. Her face a beautiful smile. The dance of the ballerina has ended. She is dead. The doors of the cathedral open, and a gorgeous young woman walks in. She approaches the stage. She sees a woman lying dead, and instead of running listens to the music that begins playing. It is cold, and chilling, but yet the girl climbs on stage, and begins to dance. She dosen’t know why she dances, but she does. The cycle has begun again. The doors close themselves. Shutting the world away from the scene of the never ending dance of the haunted ballerina. The girl will dance until she falls to her death. At that time the cathedral will draw a new victim in. They will find the body of the ballerinas. Then music will play, and the new girl will begin to dance. It will never end. The music does not want it to. So it simply won’t.
The music, the girl, and the dance. For ETERNITY.

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