If only you knew

August 16, 2017
By Anonymous

baileys point of view

Have you ever felt like your heart was ripped out of your chest when the one you love left you and you know that it was all your fault and you can't do anything about it? well it started two years ago I was only a sophomore I was so scared to go to a new high school but luckily I had my best friend zeke with me. Zeke and I have been best friends since we were in kindergarten, we did everything together and when people tried to separate us we always run back to each other. Recently I have realized that I had feelings for Zeke. He is everything I ever wanted in a boy. I know everything about him so it makes him even more irresistible. Zeke has dark brown hair with the lightest blue eyes you have ever seen they almost look gray at times. He's super tall he is six feet and two inches tall and plays basketball when you look at him you're just like oh my lord and then you see me Bailey, a short 5.4 girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes and wears glasses. I Know right? I have literally nothing in common with Zeke Other than we both want to go to the same school Duke University. He wants to go there to play basket ball and I want to go there to study Biology.

Zeke's point of view

I love Bailey I've known her since I was in kindergarten, but we are in high school now so maybe I can tell her how I actually feel? "No you can't do that Zeke!" said Zeke quietly in his mind "if she finds out that you love her she would freak and run away." I'm sitting right next to Bailey and I can't help but smile. "why are you smiling Zeke?" said Bailey "it's just... Bailey, I need to tell you something." "what is it?" said Bailey anxiously, "I think no I know that I'm in love with you I've been in love with you since I can remember." "Zeke.." said Bailey until she was rudely interrupted " I know you don't feel the same its just I needed to tell you because I can't handle being around you without smiling, Bailey you don't understand how much I care and how much I'm in love with you!" proclaimed Zeke " you know how people say you only get one love in your lifetime?" I think that you Bailey your the love everyone keeps on talking about." "Zeke!"{ yelled Bailey " I feel the same way." "you do/" "yes!" "I'm in love with you to zeke," said Bailey. when Bailey how she felt I felt like this was my chance to hold her hand,  held her hand before but that was when I didn't know how I felt. I took the chance and just went for it and held her hand, I can see her face turning red. "Bailey." said Zeke "will you be my girlfriend?' "yes!" that was the start of something I can't explain.

2 years passed

Zeke and I have been together for two years now. Zeke is getting offers from schools everywhere to play basketball for them, but the only school Zeke wants is Duke and he still hasn't gotten offers from there yet. It's November and Zeke and I are going to Disneyland for Halloween. I love Disneyland, especially during Halloween. Zeke and I are in Disneyland and we kind of got separated so while we were trying to track each other down I ran into an ex of mine. He saw me first and said hi. I talked with him for a long time when I told him I had to go he hugged b=me and kissed me I slapped him and told him I had a boyfriend, when he did this Zeke was there. Zeke texted me and told me we were leaving and to meet in the car. when I got into the car there was complete silence the whole way home. when I finally arrived home I leaned in to kiss him goodnight, but he pushed me away and he said this with tears in his eyes "you know  why I wanted to go to Disneyland so badly?" "because I knew you loved it, I wanted to make you happy, so that I could finally give you this." Zeke handed me the box: I opened it and I saw a ring." "Zeke I'm.." "No!" Zeke said with tears running down his face " I loved with all my heart but you don't feel the same way." "Zeke I do I was just a miss..." "don't try to fix this get out and take this with you it's useless now." "Just leave Bailey It's done just leave." I ran into the house "How was it honey did you have a good time... whats wrong Bailey?" "Nothing." I ran up to my room and stayed there.

Three months passed. Those were the longest three months of my life. I went to school one morning and saw something that broke my heart, even more, I saw Zeke with another girl. when I saw this my eyes filled with tears I put my head down so nobody could see the tears running down my face I tried to hold it in but I couldn't do it. I tried to ignore him but he's in all my classes. he rubs it in my face that he is happy with someone else and that he moved on. But how can you move on so quickly from someone you spent two years with? The dance is coming up and I really don't want to go but I have to because of im apart of the committee.  I'm wearing a black dress with black heels and my hair pulled back into a ponytail. I arrived there at the same time everyone else was arriving. An hour passed since the dance started I've been sitting down on the bleachers the whole time with my head down when I finally lifted my head I saw Zeke walking in with his girlfriend. Our eyes meet he started walking towards me I started walking towards him (his girlfriend is in the restroom) (our song starts to play Flightless bird by American mouth) "I've missed you" said Zeke "I've missed you too." "I'm sorry for acting the way I did," said Zeke "No I'm sorry I shouldn't have let him kiss me." "it's okay I know it wasn't your fault. It just took some time for me to figure that out." Zeke leaned in to kiss me the feeling of happiness rushed down my face in tear form when his lips were about to touch mine his girlfriend came up and wanted to dance he looked at me and said he was sorry. I just looked at him and ran outside I couldn't see because my eyes were full of tears. I got a text from Zeke it said: "I'm sorry Bailey please come back let me explain."  Bailey never answered me I got worried so I went looking for her and I saw cops and paramedics I saw Bailey's mom crying her eyes out I got really worried I ran up and saw Bailey on the floor inside a body bag "Nooo Bailey please don't leave me, Bailey, please!" "Sr. you can't be here." yelled the cop. If only I knew that would have been the last time I saw Bailey I would have told her I loved her.

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