The Convict's Devil

August 12, 2017
By CloneTrooper BRONZE, Cazenovia, New York
CloneTrooper BRONZE, Cazenovia, New York
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“One Thing to learn about this world is that there’s a pure evil.” I was told this over and over yet never believed in it. Just recently, I understood she was right… always right. It may seem crazy to you Detective, only since he hasn’t come for you yet. Before the beginning of this week, I was nothing more than another man like you or those on the other side of the glass, yet on the way home from working late, he appeared. I should’ve known…...should’ve...known… he was no ordinary man, no man could possibly have powers like his.

He was a large, very handsome man with an uncanny allure, as if you were pulled towards him no matter how hard you tried to run. His eyes… hypnotic, so that you’d never forget no matter how hard you tried, were bright yellow and shone in a way that described an insatiable desire. His clothes were… devilishly perfect for such a snake, he wore a pure black suit and shirt, which only brought attention to his tie, blood red, moving… almost as if…as if it was… blood out an open wound. Yes it sounds crazy but it flowed and glistened as such. His voice, steely yet seductive enough to woo even the toughest of women circulated quietly, as if it was nothing more than a whisper in the back of my mind.

He came to me… from the darkness that sheltered him… offering friendship by means of information, he said “Aye, believe me in this good friend. You’re woman betrayed your vows, she cheats you in more ways than one” and with that he dissipated into thin air. How, how could I believe such a man, I perceived it as nothing yet doubt grew, for my wife did seem more distant to me than before. It was hard to believe the woman I would do no less than die for to protect, would cheat on me however the thought nagged at me for days forcing my hand. Instead of confronting her, whenever she left the house I searched for clues and began to notice things, our more valuable possessions were gone… stolen from our house… no… my home. He was right, she cheated me of everything, my money, my gifts, my affection, and stole it away like it was nothing.

As of earlier today, I followed her when she said she would be out with her friend, I played her, as if I still knew nothing giving her no more than the pretence of love that she gave me. Again the strange man was right… she not only cheated me, but cheated on me as well. Anger swelled yet before I could rush in to confront them he appeared to me again. He filled me with honeyed words of anger, rage and hatred… all stirring into bloodlust, lastly handing me the knife.

He convinced me it was the only way, and so I determined it was… indeed it was me, I slit their throats, yes I stabbed them, and I relished it all. The blood, tears, and the fear… oh the fear… it was magnificent.

So lock me away, send me to hell, do whatever you wish Detective Mason, but be warned: He had a message for you…

he’s coming…

expect him soon…

The author's comments:

In class a few months ago we were tasked with writing a discriptive story, so I wrote this after I binge watched Supernatural and got alot of praise for it so I decided to see how other people view my writing.

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