Growing Up

August 1, 2017
By , Valenica, CA

Everybody grows up forgetting their childlike ways. Which isn’t a bad thing. But being forgotten isn’t the best feeling in the world.
I grew up with my best friend, Max. Max was a shy kid and didn’t really go out much. That’s when he thought up me, his imaginary friend. He called me ‘Matt Astro’; I imagine it was because he always wanted to go on a spaceship and ride it to the moon. He’d always tell me about going up into space, and i enjoyed listening to all the things he wanted to do.I remember promising him that I’d be there when he shot a rocket up into space. Naturally, I supported him and his grandiose dreams wholeheartedly.
Being a figment of Max’s imagination allowed me to be there for him whenever he needed it: After school, when his parents went out on business trips, anything. We always had fun together, playing with toys and watching the new airings of ‘The Amazing World Of Gumball’! It was a blast!
It wasn’t until he reached high school where Max started to change. Not just physically but he started to become more outgoing and talkative and eventually started making friends. I was happy for him but he also eventually stopped talking to me. I thought it was because he was always busy with the astronomy club that he didn’t have time for me. He had three friends that would come over to the house: Sally, Paul and Marcel, All of which were great kids. Although you can tell Sally had a bit of a crush on Max. I remember wanting to bump Max in the head for being so oblivious.
When College rolled around, I felt myself getting weaker. I felt myself  fading. Max by this time was majoring in Industrial Engineering and Physics. He was also dating his high school sweetheart, Sally.
I remember while we were in the dorms, I was talking to Max about his dreams as a child in the hopes of him replying but like many other times, there was no reply. I came to realize that he probably didn’t see me anymore. He probably didn’t even think about me. He probably forgot about me. I was sad of course, but I guess it’s only natural to not have an imaginary friend at his age.
After graduating College, Max took off for Nasa and married his high school sweetheart. I was gradually fading and felt that my time was near. It wasn’t until a week later that Max launched his space shuttle for the first time. I was happy for him. And I did fulfill that promise I made to him years ago. He most likely forgot about that. And that leads me to where I am today, watching Max from afar with his wife in his 2 story house. I feel my time is up.. I guess we all grow up someday...

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