Silver Lining

July 31, 2017

The rain drops were tickling down her nose and cheeks. She looked up at the sky and felt the rain drops falling straight on her face as if the sky was shattered into thousand pieces, falling one by one. The thunderous roar by the clouds were not out of vengeance, but of the unfathomable pain they were going through. They were in despair just like mankind and were,  seeking redemptions for the sins they have committed.
The truth of the situation, was hidden in the lies that were meant to be white, but as years passed and situations changed they turned darker than dark. A place where hallucinations are mistaken for reality and every lie is a truth itself.
Though her tears were running down her cheeks, but were shielded by, the mighty ones of those from the clouds. She was in despair her body was numb and her heart was cold, with a storm raging inside the void of her soul, that was tearing her apart.
The monotonous sing song, they used to sing together while gazing the stars at night, the pillow fights in the morning, and the meaningless conversations they used to have, kept her afloat. But, cancer took it all away from her. Her best friend was not the same anymore, her cheerful self was gone, and there she lay on the bed, with various pipes piercing her body and the heart rate monitor was capturing the last heartbeats of her life.
They say " People change with time.."
But she knew her friend was down there somewhere still the same, smiling at her and wishing her for the life ahead.

Changes are momentary but, memories are permanent.

The author's comments:

The feelings of a person suffering through despair.

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