The Flaws of our World

July 22, 2017
By clairebecca PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
clairebecca PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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Abused adolescents awaken, anxiously anguishing from agonizing addictions. Barbarians bitterly beg beings and brutally burn buildings while beckoning behind bars, and creatures chaotically crumble, cascading and collapsing carelessly while crying. Demonizing delinquents deal deadly and dark dangers, dreadfully dying. Elsewhere, egotistical extremists erupt evil, earsplitting eruptions, enslaving everybody else. Friendships flicker full of faults and furies, fearfully forbidding false forfeits, while guilt glides gruesomely and gracelessly, gnawing on greed and gossip. Hypocrites hopelessly hate, hurting harmonious, healthy hearts while hastily hopping into Hell. Ignorance improperly irritates illogical idiots, intruding and interfering with insecure ills. Jealous jeers jabber jokeless jokes, jolting junky jerks, while kooky knaves kill knightly kings with kaleidoscopic kitchen knives. Lawbreaking lunatics loath love, luring locals with lethal lies. Meanwhile, mistresses mistakenly mend mattresses for their mistrustful, mockingly moronic men, who madly misbehave as merciless monsters. Nervousness nags negative and neglected nobodies, numbing their neurotic nemesis. Obnoxious oddities offend orphans with ominous objectifications, overshadowing optimistic obsessions, and panicked, pitiful people perish into perplexity, pain prickling as they protest perverted pleas. Quarrelsome quitters quack questionable qualms, while racist, reckless, ruthless rascals restlessly ravage, rattling ridiculous rumors, reluctantly regretting their raging revenge. Shady snakes slither silently, severely scathing sins while shamefully shivering from sickening scars. Troubled terrorists taunt terrible threats, thoughtlessly tormenting trustworthy testimonies. Universes of unhappy unions uproar, unraveling unimaginable underworlds, and vulnerable villains vent vicious viruses, violating valorous victories. Wimpy weeds wrestle wrathful warriors, wickedly working up a war. Xenophobes x-ray xylographs of xenophobic xylophones. Yelping yellers yearn for years, and zealous zombies zap zany, zestful adolescents. 

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