July 19, 2017
By Ariel01 SILVER, Cherry Valley , California
Ariel01 SILVER, Cherry Valley , California
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A young girl learned that she should never conceal anything from her parents.

Especially when others played the typical trick of
"Now, you don't tell your parents."
Her parents were trying to protect her by telling her this but they were not too
strict about it,
Yet she was a strict youngster and she took it literally.

Sometime, her parents enrolled her in a ballet camp, It was an interesting
experience mostly for that girl. Most of the instructors were young, One day,
one of the young ladies excitedly told the students she would tell a secret but
they must promise not to tell anyone. The youth was disturbed, The secret
happened to be something ridiculous like: "Cinderella has a sister." However
she felt guilty and very quickly told her mother that she heard a secret she was
not supposed to tell Her mother felt exasperated - could something terrible
have happened? Finally, she convinced her daughter to explain. Imagine her
"Cinderella has a sister"

Another young girl went with her brother to his friend's house.

All three of the youth were enticed by the glass jar of colorful, glimmering glass
candy positioned on the table. The lad, offered this luxuriant treat only if they
would promise and place their hand on the bible not to tell anyone, quite
intense for kids- especially a sensitive young girl. The little girl was anxious
about doing the right thing, She was so disturbed about concealing this that
she burst into to tears and told her mother the truth. Her mother, not very
stirred she told her not to worry about it, However the youngster was. The girl was right to feel guilty- she had done wrong, Perhaps young children express

better knowledge in doing the right thing.

In the first situation, it may appear strange to take things that literally, In the
last story, the girl could have been teased for her seemingly dramatic anxiety
about a small incident.

These acts could have easily been teased but they shouldn't. Innocent and
thoughtful young children worry about doing the wrong thing,
They take things literally. Never should you tease a young child for their
conscience, Never tease them for becoming upset. Never discourage them
Mark 9:42 states "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in
me to stumble it would be better for him to have a great milestone fastened
around his neck and be cast into the depths of the sea."

The author's comments:

This speech was intended to adress the importance of respecting young children although they sometimes dramatize incidents. One must try to avoid using the words "Kids are annoying."

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