Agent for Peace Unofficial Version 1

July 14, 2017
By kk908 BRONZE, La Canada, California
kk908 BRONZE, La Canada, California
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During a dark and dangerous time in a country extremely far away, there lived the most meanest and dangerous people within Nazi, Germany that created a terrorist network known as….The Secure Nazi Aggressive and Indestructible Division or S.N.A.I.D. for short.

In a sneaky move, the most ruthless of the S.N.A.I.D.’s kind, Ivan Muller may have found a way to destroy the ENTIRE PLANET of Earth. This would help the suspicion that World War III has just begun. Ivan Muller, like many other angry U.S. democratic immigrants, has so much hatred for U.S. President Loran Phony.

Today is the day when President Phony will give his inauguration address. Unbeknownst to the President, but knownst to us, hopefully someone like Agent Kevin Kiely will put an end to all of the fighting despite the fact that danger awaits the Earthlings and all of their countries...

Chapter 1: Top secret file on S.N.A.I.D.
I am a prisoner of the Secure Nazi Aggressive Industructable Division who is about to get punished for no reason and I'm fretful because I got captured by a Nazi terrorist organization called S.N.A.I.D. My name is Kevin Kiely and I work as an FBI agent. Not only is S.N.A.I.D. known for killing so many innocent people, but if you work for S.N.A.I.D., then it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not die for doing something that Ivan Muller, who is the leader of S.N.A.I.D., detests. That is why disipline is just as important in S.N.A.I.D. as obeying and following orders. Because of this, I am so worried that something bad might happen to me. While I was in my prison cell I saw a bunch of S.N.A.I.D. agents sitting down to eat dinner while thinking nothing of us prisoners. Because they like to worship Adolf Hitler as if he is God, their grace went something like this:
“September 1st, 1939 is when you invaded Poland, your majesty, and in your honor, I too want Poland to be destroyed. This will soon happen because Germany is a country that is rapidly growing, developing and conquering other nations with ambitious minds just like yours Hitler. Thank you Hitler for unifying Germany so that we can have this good food and country. Amen.” Then, the S.N.A.I.D. agents ate their dinner which was prime rib and chocolate cake for dessert.

Chapter 2: The “glorious” purpose of SN.A.I.D.
The reader is probably wondering "Why would anyone want to work for S.N.A.I.D.?" The majority of the workers were not given the option. The Secure Nazi Aggressive Industructable Division is also known as a concentration camp/prison workplace for bad American people located in Nazi, Germany during World War III even though these people are technically military men, including myself obviously, who were completely innocent the entire time. All day and night we would see shadows of monsters and demons as if it was our reality until one of us either got released to elsewhere or shot in the back by S.N.A.I.D. agents and other terrorists.
Many prisoners often get confused by the shadows and don’t know what is outside the S.N.A.I.D. headquarters, but I do. Outside of the S.N.A.I.D. headquarters is something even worse than shadows and demons. It is an active volcano within Nazi, Germany. Because of this, the entire outside part of Nazi Germany, especially right near the S.N.A.I.D. headquarters, is completely covered with nothing but either rivers and streams of molten lava or lava banks. Because of this, the prisoners all day would work to harness the lava and cool it with dry ice with temperatures so cold that even the ice cannot be touched by human hands. The lava would then get transported with extremely heavy buckets and used to make weapons for S.N.A.I.D. Ivan Muller is eager to destroy the entire planet using a laser controlled by the US Navy and then replace it with a powerful space station known as Sattellite Killer Base. The Nuclear Launch Codes for the laser were stolen by S.N.A.I.D. itself. But because I refused to give him the combination to access the laser at first, that's when I had to go to court. STOP!! I hate it when I have to go to court! I was given the option to either go to jail or to work as a prisoner at the S.N.A.I.D. headquarters. And what did I choose on accident? Oh yeah! That's right! I chose to go to that stupid S.N.A.I.D. headquarters even though I probably should have been sent to jail.

Chapter 3: The Rescue Mission
What was going on? I definitely knew that something was going on because all of the sudden I saw a bunch of fighting going on outside of my cell and then I heard some unexpected music. Could the FBI be here to rescue me? Finally, I saw a tall man standing perfectly still outside of my cell. The man was my friend, FBI Director Brown Smith. We’ve been friends for our entire lives. Brown Smith and I were inseperable. Before he rescued me though, he said through his walkie talkie "Proceed to Phase 2." "Yes sir." said the agent on the other end. Then a piece of entertaining music sounded through the loud speakers of the whole prison workplace to distract the guards. “Come on Kevin we’ve got to get of here.” said Brown Smith while approaching my cell and firing a gun bullet at the lock of my cell. “Now?” I asked. “Yes now!” said the director. The director and I had to run through beatings, fighting and total chaos, but it didn’t take long for us to eventually escape. When I did escape, I killed over 100 S.N.A.I.D. agents and afterwards boarded a U.S. Naval plane in which I was taken back to the main U.S. Naval Base. “I think that went rather well.” said FBI director Brown Smith while we were aboard the airplane. “No I don’t think so. Let me tell you if you wanted me badly out of there, it must be pretty bad out here in the middle of World War III.” I said. It may have been bad at first which is why I may have been worried as well, but now that I escaped, I’m happy.

Chapter 4: S.N.A.I.D.’s reaction to Kevin’s escape
I was previously unable to figure out why there was so much fighting and unrest going on in my headquarters, but now I think I know why this was taking place. The reason why I say this, is because the next day, after all of the fighting stopped, I looked inside of Kevin’s cell and discovered that he was missing. I was so full of wroth when I found this out. This is true because Kevin was my biggest enemy and a very great threat to our headquarters and now he’s gone! “Ivan Muller just so you know, not only has Kevin Kiely escaped, but by the amount of agents of ours that he has killed from what we sustained, he must be destroyed.” said a S.N.A.I.D. agent and captain. “No captain. They’re alive. I want every airplane that we have dispatched, loaded with atomic bombs, and in the air looking for Kevin until he is found.” I ordered. “Yes sir.” said the captain. Within minutes the planes had taken off jammed with atomic bombs.

Chapter 5: The Inauguration and Assassination of Loran Phony
After I escaped from the S.N.A.I.D. headquarters, I got an invitation to go to hear Loran Phony speak as part of his inauguration address. Loran Phony gave his inaugural speech, but then suddenly got shot in the heart by a compound bow that looked like a sniper gun. There was cheer all over Washington D.C. from protesters because they, like so many other people, hated Loran Phony just like Ivan Muller. I, on the other hand, was just as terrified as the Republicans were. I got on an airplane and was escorted back to California, but while I was up in the air, I saw an atomic bomb dropped by S.N.A.I.D. itself, explode destroying all of Washington D.C. It was very brutal because it killed 12 million people.

Chapter 6: The Next Mission
After the Assassination of Loran Phony, it was time to discuss my next mission. “We’re after a file. Classified file.” said Brown Smith. “Really? What’s in the file?” I asked. “Our Nuclear Launch Codes for the laser.” Smith replied. “Oh yeah right. I remember an extremist code name “LIGHTME””. I said. “We know that he and Ivan Muller will use them to access the laser and destroy the entire planet. However they can.” I said. “Which is why he and Ivan Muller have gone from people of interest to enemy numbers one and two.” I said. “Here’s your mission.” said Brown Smith. “Agent Confirmed.” said an automated voice. Then it said “Welcome back, Kevin. During your absence, we discovered the location of the file that your looking for. It is located in a highly secure vault at the North Korean Consulate. To get past their checkpoints, you will be disguised as General Angelo Statoff. We believe that North Korean intelligence will do whatever they can to destroy any record of his identity. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to infiltrate that consulate and retrieve the nuclear launch code file before Lor Yem Seo and Ivan Muller can access it for themselves. North Korean and German intelligence also both suggest that they both are in range, leaving you four hours and twenty minutes to infiltrate. As always, if you or any of your team members are captured or killed, the FBI will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Kevin.” After five seconds, the message self-destructed. “So we’re going to break into the North Korean consulate?” asked Brown Smith. “Yes.” I said. “Ok, but something that you should know is that the computer that has the file within the consulate is only a Standalone. So if we’re breaking into the Consulate then that’s good because I have to be physically at the computer itself.” said Brown Smith. “Relax Director Smith. It’s much worse than you think.” I said. “The Consulate itself is in an extremely hot sauna that can be heated up to 150 degrees Farenheit. An authorized individual that is allowed in the sauna has to pass through a series of security checks. The first one is a voice identification fallowed by a six digit passcode. That only gets the authorized individual into the outer room. Then he or she has to do a retnal scan. Then the air-conditioning is only activated and the self-destruct mechanisms are deactivated with and only with an electronic key card, which we won’t have. Now inside the consulate, whenever an authorized individual is out of the sauna, not only is the air-conditioning deactivated, but there are also two things that will cause the sauna to self-destruct automatically. The first thing is voice. Anything above a whisper will trigger the self-destruct mechanism. The other thing that will trigger a self-destruct is if anything below twenty degrees Celsius enters the suana.” I said. “And you really think you can do this.” asked Brown Smith. “We’re going to do it.” I said.

Chapter 7: The Consulate Infiltration
Brown Smith and I, while disguised as General Angelo, walked down to the dictator of North Korea. “Greetings General. I am Lor Yem Seo. Your Documents please.” said the dictator. “Here they are.” I said while handing him my document. Then the dictator scanned my documents to clarify that it was really Angelo. Because I was able to hack into the system, the scan was a success. I also succeeded at getting the file and breaking into the consulate. This on the other hand was a little bit more challenging because I had to make sure that I did not talk too loud and that my body was not too cold or else the sauna would self-destruct and explode, but the mission was still accomplished right away.

Chapter 8: Opening the File.
Now that I finally got the file, I need to figure out how to open it. “Opening it is easy. All I have to do is disguise myself as the person who created the file in the first place to get the past the encryption. I get to wear a mask.” I said to Brown Smith. “True but unfortunately, even if you succeed at getting past every other encryption password, you won’t beat the last password even if you get it right. That’s because it’s also protected by an analysis type encryption. The step beyond fingerprint and facial recognition. There are web cameras built into the file that actually know literaly exactly how the creator of the file types, how he talks, how he moves and what he looks like from head to toe. One incorrect move on typing style and it will automatically deny you access. There is no way that you can get access to the file unless if you and your men are willing to find out who created the file, arrest that person and force him or her to open the file for you.” said Brown Smith. “I just found out that person is the prime minister of Germany. So basically, our only option is to arrest him?” I asked. “That is correct.” said Brown Smith.

Chapter 9: The kidnapping of Brown Smith.
I woke up the next morning and realized that Brown Smith was gone. Then I saw a security camera of Ivan Muller kidnapping Brown Smith. Then the phone rang. “I have a job for you Kevin. And for the sake of your friend you will do it.” said Ivan Muller on the other end. “I’m listening.” I said. “Your mission should you choose to accept it is to bring me the unlocked file by noon today.” said Ivan Muller. “I accept.” I said knowing to do the exact opposie. Then I hung up the phone and arrested the prime minister of Germany and forced him to open the file. It took a long time, but it was still a complete success.

Chapter 10: The Final Showdown
After I got access to the file, I rushed down to the S.N.A.I.D.’s last headquarter base, the Alps in Switzerland. My purpose for being there was to kill Ivan Muller and Lor Yem Seo. It was very cold there for my troops and I. We waited in snow trenches and eventually S.N.A.I.D. started attacking us, but eventually I shot and killed both Ivan Muller and Lor Yem Seo. Then I rescued Brown Smith from his cell and together we destroyed the North Korean Nuclear Launch Codes along with the laser in which S.N.A.I.D. was going to use to destroy planet Earth by blowing it up with an atomic granade. “Mission Accomplished!” I said.

The Epilogue
After I succeeded in my victory and all of S.N.A.I.D. was either dead or captured, I was honored with an award from the U.S. Navy for winning WWIII. Even though we may have struggled along the way, it was me, Kevin Kiely, and the FBI that brought not only peace, but freedom and justice to planet Earth. Planet Earth is safe for now. THE END.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by learning about World War I and World War II.

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