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June 22, 2017
By notquitealex BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
notquitealex BRONZE, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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          “F*****!” Seth screamed in mock anger as we watched his character collapse on the ground on the television screen. He started hurriedly pressing buttons on his Xbox controller in the hopes of respawning. Dylan spun around in his chair and laughed.
         “Seth, could you try to scream a little louder next time? I don’t think the animals outside heard you that time and I am sure that they would appreciate the beauty of your f-bombs.”  I felt myself smirk at Dylan’s remark. We all watched as Seth’s character got another knife to the throat and we witnessed the previous scene unfold again.
          “HOLY MOTHER OF S***BALLS!!” I chuckled. He was getting a little creative.

           After watching Seth throw one of Dylan’s pillows across the room, I turned my attention back to the television screen to see that my character had been shot down by a sniper.
         “Damn.” I mumbled under my breath. Seth was still tossing pillows over my head and I could practically feel Dylan getting prepared to throw some more smack talk in our direction.
         “Feel free to actually start trying!” Dylan said with a grin. “Any time now! Come on! I thought you guys were supposed to be good at this!”
         I gripped my controller in my hand as my character looked through the scope of my rifle. I aimed quickly and then pressed the button to pull the trigger. Dylan’s character dropped to the ground. There was a moment of silence within the room as Dylan and Seth both slowly turned to look at me.
         Dylan got out of his chair and crouched down beside me, his face just a few inches from mine.
         “Did you just kill me?” He asked quietly. I smirked.
         “Yeah. I did. I thought you were going to attack me, but it seems that you would much rather make out with me.” Dylan’s eyes widened as our stare intensified. I heard Seth giggle from beside me.
         “Maybe I can do both!” Dylan let out a girlish battle cry and jumped on top of me. I grabbed the nearest pillow and started beating him with it mercilessly. He decided to ditch his pillow and start painlessly punching me in a mock attempt to beat me up.
         I was still beating him with a pillow and taking weak punches when Seth decided to jump up on the couch beside us and jump up and down, while shouting at the two of us.
         However, yelling from the sidelines was not enough for Seth. He then jumped off of the couch, on top of the two of us. Now he was in the middle of the fight, and still yelling. Not yelling words, just yelling.
         The door swung open and all three of us froze.  We all slowly looked up to see Carmen standing in the doorway. Her tired eyes looked at us with disbelief.
         “Really? Really guys? Are you aware that it is currently three o’clock in the morning? It’s late. I’m tired. Could you guys have a threesome a little more quietly please?” 

As she said this a small smile appeared on her face and I realized how foolish we must look. I was laying on my back with a pillow in my hand and Dylan crouched on top of me. Seth was leaning over Dylan with his arms wrapped around his stomach as if he had either been trying to pull Dylan off of me, or was giving him a big hug from behind.

The three of us looked at each other, scoffed, and then all separated quickly. Dylan puffed out his chest and quickly tried to defend himself.
     “No! It’s not what it looks like. We- We weren’t- We were trying-Ugh.”
     “We were playing video games!” Seth interjected hurriedly. Carmen looked at him with doubt and he gave her a childlike smile. 
     She walked into the bedroom and looked at the pillows and blankets scattered randomly on the floor.
     “Yeah. It definitely looks like you were playing video games.” The playful sarcasm in her voice was evident.
     “So… what are you playing?” Carmen asked with an excited sparkle in her tired eyes.


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