June 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Luke B
There Dexter was, relaxing at his house, sitting on the couch in his pajamas eating a bag of chips. He had gotten home from school and was just relaxing the whole and asked himself in his mind, Do I have anything to study for? He answered, No. When all of a sudden Dexter got a text from his friend that asked what he had done to study for the chemistry test. Then it hit him. There was going to be a chemistry test the next day and he did not study one bit. Dexter’s mind starting racing and he went blank. Already doing great in chemistry, he really wanted to do well on this test to keep his grade up. Dexter was super upset because he was a driven kid who was always on top of his school work and life. A million of thoughts started racing through his mind as his heart started pounding. In his mind, he started thinking, What if I fail? How will my parents react? Will I be able to get into a good college now? Dexter had always done good in school and was looking to go to an amazing college. When he found out that he did not know much material for the test, all of these thoughts raced through his mind. After another hour of panicking, he finally calmed himself down, opened the textbook, and prepared for a long night. Trying to memorize everything his brain could possibly handle, he could not learn everything in one night. Even though Dexter did not know everything he had to for the test, it was really late so he decided it would be better to get some rest. The next morning Dexter woke up early to get a good breakfast so he would be able to concentrate during the test. He arrived at school and had the test first hour. Dexter took some deep breaths and just relaxed. After the test, he came out, scared to death. The test was harder than a rock and he barely knew anything. Later on that day, he found out that he failed his test and then he had to tell his parents. His parents said with anger, “What were you thinking? You are grounded and from here on, you are gonna study with the both of us!” From there on, Dexter knew not to wait until the last night to study for a test ever again and he sure did learn his lesson.

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