June 11, 2017
By Anonymous

I knew I had to change my fate but I never knew that I would ever go this far. I feel like today people take advantage of what they have and I started to regret even coming here. I sat in the waiting room of a therapist office. The walls were bland along with the furniture, as most would expect. It was later in the day 5:30pm, I was probably the last appointment of the day. I slumped in my seat having every single negative outcome go through my head, maybe I should have come here earlier, and on different circumstances. I’ve always been very paranoid but Ethan didn’t help the paranoia at all.
“Hello Mrs.Carter, I’m Dr.Roth.” I looked up into her as she seemed as hesitant as I. She could read me like I was a open book.
“How about we go to my office.” she said attempting to sound as uplifting as possible. We walked into her office and the first thing I noticed was a small picture frame on her desk of engagement pictures. I remember being so young and excited for my wedding, As I sat down she noticed that I was staring at the picture.
“Oh those are my engagement pictures, me and my fiance are getting married in a couple months”
“Congratulations” I said with a small smile
“Thank you. So let’s start with why you came to see me today?”
“It started 5 years ago, I met Ethan in my senior year of college in one of my classes and he was amazing. He told me he loved me on the second date, and even though I didn’t say it back, I knew I felt the same way. 2 years later he proposed and we had a beautiful wedding a year later” I smiled reminiscing but the smile soon faded as I continued with my story.
“He completely switched one day, so many stressful things happened that year and I can’t blame him but at the same time he should be held for his actions. He doesn’t love me anymore, he comes home late drunk after work. That man is not the man I fell in love with. I don’t know him. Ethan changed, cancel the wedding while you can.” Her eyes went wide as I immediately left her office. She tried to throw so many questions at me that I couldn’t bring myself to answer.
It’s always been controversial, going back in time. I completely understand but when you're in a situation where any other path is better than the one you're on , like me, it’s the best thing you can do to change your fate. I knew I would wake up and be living a life different than the one I had been living. I could move to California and work in media like I always wanted, be backpacking in Asia, or still be working as a therapist, just married to someone else, but most importantly I knew I would wake up happy .

The author's comments:

For an assignment we had to write a short story. Most people started writing immediety although it took me awhile and a lot of thought to write this. At first I wrote in in the perspective of Dr.Roth but the ending wasn't portrayed but I knew as soon as I wrote it in the perspective of Mrs.Carter it flowed much better and the ending was clear.

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