Alexius and Laurentitus

March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a young maiden named Alexius. Her best friend, Laurentitus, was a magnificent volleyball player. Every single time Alexius played Laurentitus, it ended with Laurentitus in the lead. Every time Alexius lost, she would stomp and scream and throw horrible tantrums. Laurentitus would stand there and try to make her stop, and tried to make her feel better about loosing. Alexius would not listen.

But one day, Alexius did win. Even though Laurentitus was a good sport about loosing, Alexius kept rubbing it in her face. Two weeks later, she was STILL bragging.

One day, Alexius went to go get water from the stream. When she was on her way back, Laruentitus confronted her. Just as Alexius was about to boast, Laurentitus cut her off, yelling “ENOUGH! This has gone on far too long! I have NEVER acted this way towards you in all of the times that I won, so I do not understand why you think that it’s ok for you to treat me like this.”
Alexius replied, “I’m terribly sorry that you cannot handle loosing. There is no need to be suck a whiny brat!”

Then all of the sudden, a giant white light shot out from the sky. Down came Sporticus, the god of all things fun. He began to shake his head at Alexius.
“I have seen that you have been being very rude to your friend. Is that true?” he asked.
“No,” replied Alexius, “no it is not.”
“Then why do you think she felt the need to confront you like this?” he questioned.
“Because she is a SORE LOOSER!” Alexius snarled.
“Do you think that you could beat me in a volleyball match?”
“Why yes, yes I do.”

That next day, Alexius and Sporticus gave it their all. Laurentitus watched from the sidelines.

Finally, the game ended. The score was 3-97. Sporticus won. When Alexius realized that she had lost, she threw a fit bigger than she ever had before.

When Sporticus went to Alexius to tell her “Good job.”, she punched him square in the face. Sporticus was enraged. He marched over to the stream and grabbed a piece of gold. He then tapped the gold with his finger and tapped Alexius on her shoulder. Then a giant white light swallowed Alexius.

Once the light cleared away, Alexius was not where she once stood. She was now a little unmoving figure on top of the piece of gold. Sporticus, pleased with his work, handed the sculpture to Laurentitus. He told her, “Now you will have a reminder that you were truly the better player.” Then he disappeared into the sky before Laurentitus could even utter a word.

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Gossamer said...
on Apr. 5 2009 at 4:52 am
Gossamer, North Hill, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Love. I don't care what happened or who did it to you. Love anyway.

(laughs) This is is really cool. Although, I don't know how Laurentitus would feel about displaying that trophy...


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