The Garden of Death

June 14, 2017

          There once was a house that had the most beautiful garden, this garden grew the most beautiful roses that anyone had ever seen. The people in the neighborhood would come to see the garden in awe and would often wish to take some flowers home for themselves. The owner who owned the garden was a witch. She was young and beautiful much like the garden itself. She was connected to the garden, so because the garden was beautiful and healthy, she was too. While the seasons changed, the roses would stay the same. Not a single rose ever died.
          But throughout the years, the witch grew older, and she began to age. The house that she lived in and the garden she grew, was slowly fading away. Day by day, the witch slowly stopped taking care of her prized possession. Every now and then, someone would come by and look at the garden. As the years went on, people would stop coming by her house to look at her roses. "There are so many young people that live in this town. Full of innocence and beauty. My garden is dying and I'm getting very old. If only there was a way to get the people's attention so that they would come to me."
          The witch enchanted her roses so that every person in town that walked by, were drawn to her dying garden. As weeks went on, the town seemed quieter. People began to disappear and no one knew why. There were no more kids to be found. No more cars moving from place to place. Finally, the town was still and there was nothing left but the witch and her garden. The garden that grew the most beautiful roses...

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