Lake Monster

June 7, 2017
By , ShenZhen, China

The summery summer sun, shone her eyes as it slowly slid towards the top of her head. It heated the glossy coat of her body from the icy water and listlessly dried her towel as it became firmed up. From the water surface, her shadow was pointing almost to 12 — lunch time.

This weary girl helped herself to settled with massive tube around her belly in a tent. She winced for a second, whether or not to took off her tube, but her restless heart lured her mind. She squatted right next to the valley as pint-size wave tickled her feet and gently swung her tube towards the water. The girl was too exhausted to notice and drowse with her best friend.

Parents were overloaded by preparing meal. They warned their children to stay near by them, but as they finished their sentence, they left the children and resumed their preparations. The girl closed her eyes and leaned on the tube. With the freshness of water now tickling to ankle, she was recalling things she did in the early morning and plans she will do after her lovely meal in her mind.
All at once, she noticed the freezing water now reaches to her knees.

She opened her two sprinkling eyes and noticed the bright sun hanging on the top, which a second ago a layer of thick black fabric was covering the top; few seconds ago she was sitting at a hard- ground surface, but now the icy water is freezing her lower half part of the body; she felt the coolness of the water itching her skin and splashing around her; then she noticed the water wave jerk down the valley, faster and faster.

“Oh my... Ahhh!”,

She heard the squeal, full with the gasped in astonishment from her back. The 3years old girl can easily determine it was her mom. But when she glanced over the shoulder, she had no clues why her mom fall with a thud.

The girl felt herself with the gigantic tube sliding down, like the slide in the playground she always played. She went down faster and faster, and on the ground right next to her, two adults were scurrying as they were squealing while the girl’s best friend was puzzled of the girl missing back in the tent.

The wave swirled around the girl faster and faster until she reached to the falling point which everyone thought the girl would be thrown far off course. But there was nothing the adults either the god can do but the tube, safely carried her down the valley. When it finally reached to the bottom, the girl still wasn't crying or terrifying, but felt her belly hungry to death. She tried to stop, but the wave didn't let her go easily. She was swirled away downstream again, and the adults on the ground were once more shocked.

Luckily, there were some men at downstream using the fishnet, and the girl got caught by that and her life was saved. All the astonishment was gone, and they went back for their lunch.

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