March 24, 2009
By applekrisp1460 BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
applekrisp1460 BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
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It was a dark and stormy night in China, but in the U.S. it was a cool morning. Kevin was eating breakfast. He was having 12 pieces of French toast, 20 slices of bacon, a gallon of orange juice and a chocolate bar.

“I hate you!” yelled Kevin’s neighbor Sam through the window.
When Kevin finished eating, he got in his car and drove to work. While walking to the building at which he works, Kevin turned around and went back home because they had not widened the door yet. So, he went back to his car and drove home. Kevin was pretty disappointed because he kind of wanted to go to work today. When Kevin got home, he went for a swim in his pool. Kevin saw some lighting in the distance, so he decided it was best to go back inside. Then, Kevin went to his movie room and watched a movie. While watching the movie, Kevin ate some popcorn.

Someone had just broken his door and was aiming a gun at him. The trespasser was wearing a shirt that said “I’m a man” on it.

“Take anything you want,” Kevin told the man.

“Just don’t shoot me.”

“Come here,” the man snapped at Kevin.

“I’m gonna abduct you.”
Kevin was scared, so he did as he was told. The man put a blind fold on Kevin. Then, he took him outside and into his car. The man smacked Kevin and then took off.
The two men finally got to the masked man’s destination.
“This is my house,” the man explained to Kevin.
The man took Kevin into the house, took off Kevin’s blindfold and told Kevin to sit down.
“I’m gonna make chicken strips and French fries,” the man said. Do you like chicken strips and French fries?”
“No,” Kevin replied
The man grabbed his gun and pointed it at Kevin.
“I don’t like them, I love them!” exclaimed Kevin.
“A’ight,” the man replied.
After a few hours of awkward silence, the man sat on the couch across from Kevin’s. He handed Kevin his plate. Kevin began eating.
“This is good,” the masked man told Kevin.
“Agreed,” he replied.
When they both had finished, the man was walking Kevin to his room when he looked at the doorway and said “You’re not gonna fit. I guess you can sleep here on the floor.”
The man said goodnight and then left for his own room. Kevin was having a hard time falling asleep for two reasons. One, it was a wood floor, and two, it was 4 p.m. After 7 hours Kevin finally fell asleep.
“Get up! We’re goin’ fishin’!” The man, who was stilled masked, yelled at Kevin.
“I think I’m gonna go home,” Kevin told him.
“NO!” The man snapped.
“Fine,” Kevin said.
Kevin and the masked man drove to the pond. It was still about midnight. Kevin was very tired, as he only got 1 hour of sleep.
They arrived at the pond after 10 minutes of driving.
“Get on the hook,” the man told Kevin.
“What?” Kevin asked.
“You’re my bait, so get on,” the man said.
“No. I said no,” Kevin told him.
The man grabbed his gun and told Kevin to get on the hook. Kevin finally got on the hook. Later the early morning, the man caught 20 trout, 3 catfish and 1 goldfish.
“You can go now,” the man told Kevin.
“Bye,” Kevin said and he started walking to his house.

The author's comments:
This is not the whole story, if you want me to post the rest, tell me....Thankyou.

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on Apr. 8 2009 at 7:34 pm
applekrisp1460 BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
Okay, but I might have to post it under a new name..I still have to type the rest

finishnow said...
on Apr. 8 2009 at 1:05 am
please add the rest, the cliffhanger is killin me


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