Junior Year

June 5, 2017
My junior years has been crazy. It’s been full of ups and downs but I think there has been more downs. Its sadly been the worst year of my life. School has just became a depressant to me because of a single class. Chemistry is the one that got to me. I would begin to focus on chemistry so much and start to fail other classes. There was no in between either because I couldn’t seem to get good grades in all of my classes. I wish I never took chemistry this year.
Another thing I struggled with was my financial issues. I didn’t really have a steady job so I really made no money to have fun. My car was also half blowing up this whole year which just added to the humongous pile of stress. I just can’t wait for senior year to come by and I should pass with flying colors. The bright side is I can say I tried to pass in many circumstances.
I should have a nice steady job, in a whole entire new house. Hopefully add a new car into the mix and that would relieve almost all of my stress. The only bad thing is I will have to work and make all of my own money to be able to afford a new car. I’m really not ready for what lies ahead of me but I am going into it with an open mind. I hope things should be different and more happiness and less sad. All of junior year I have been sad in some way so I am happy that it is coming to an end. I am almost blessed that it is coming to an end.
Don’t get me wrong not everybody has a bad year of highschool like this. Don’t just think that your Junior Year will be bad like mine and if it is, things do end up getting better. I have been at very low points in life and it always ends up getting better. Just like any teen, I’m excited for the school year to be over. I’m excited for it to finally be summer.

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