A Day in the Park

June 4, 2017
By , San Miguel, CA
One sunny day, I was playing in a small park where there was slides, monkey bars, and swings. From afar my parents were looking at me playing in the sand. I was excited since it was my first time playing in park. I ran, jumped, and I fell, but I enjoyed every second of that day. I made some friends and we played tag, hide and seek, and duck duck goose. Slowly one by one were leaving the park with their parents while I begged for more time at the park.

I ran up down to let all of my energy out. My parents gave me a warning every time I was doing something that would hurt me. Sometimes I would listen to their warnings, but then I would get carried away with the fun. Then it was time to go, so I decided to go on the swing one last time. I was swing so fast that I could fly. When I jumped off the swing I fell on rough, hot, and hard sand that I hurt myself. My parents came to aide me then my father said, “ Courage, man. The hurt cannot be much”.
Then we went to an ice cream shop, so I would stop crying. I got a vanilla ice cream with a lot of caramel. We were slowing driving back home and I was slowly falling asleep. Even though I got hurt I had an amazing time in the park.

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