June 4, 2017
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Abandoned Building

-Do you know why you're here?

-No, George. What’s going on here?

-You know exactly why you're here.

-No… no... I don’t.

-You committed a horrendous crime. And framed me for it. It’s time for you to own up.

-Then where’s my lawyer? It’s my constitutional right.

-If it makes you feel any better about our democracy I’m not on the CIA’s payroll.

-Come on now George... we were best buddies at the CIA… remember 04 in Iraq?... I...  I… dragged you out... of that terrible terrorist den... even though the rest of the team... had chalked you up as KIA.

-I do. That’s why you’re here in this dingy damp building and not at the bottom of a murky gator infested river.

-We were partners, George! You can’t do this to me!

-I already have.

Break Room, Abandoned Building

-He isn’t talking, at least not yet.

-Come on. You didn’t get him first try like I taught ya, kid!

-I have an inkling suspicion that Ryan may be my most difficult case yet. He knows how this type of thing works inside and out. Ryan will resist until he dosen’t have any chance of escape.

-Yeah. That's how traitorous CIA scoundrels like Ryan work. They have the training to resist interrogation for days on end. Trust me. I taught both of you and many more.

-I can’t believe they were planning this for so long. I can’t believe that I was set up so easily. And right under my nose the whole time.

-Ryan was definitely not alone. He probably had some handsome financing from a terrorist cell. Most likely it wasn’t anyone CIA… they don’t have the brains to frame you or anyone who isn’t a rogue insurgent.

-You’re probably right.

-I’m going back to CIA Headquarters. What should Ryan’s story be?

-Tell the bigwigs that Ryan is extremely busy and can’t check in… tell them he’s investigating possible KGB spies in Venezuela. The CIA won’t want to dig down too deep into that for obvious diplomatic reasons. Because legally they most likely were never there.

-Okay. Sounds like a plan. But what about your story? You know I’m the only one who believes you're innocent at the agency. You're going to need friends in the agency if you ever want to become innocent.

-You shouldn’t come out thinking I’m innocent. That’s too risky for you. I just need to find out who set me up. Then everything will come together like two friends strolling through a park.



-The perpetrator George Waldern is still at large. He is extremely dangerous. Call the authorities immediately if you spot him. It is believed at this point that he acted alone.

-I’m innocent! Listen to me! I would never hurt a fly!

-George was a young CIA agent with a future full of possibility until he went rogue and bombed an ambassador's visit at the National Zoo last week. Several ambassadors and onlookers were killed and many more injured.

-No! No! No!

-But perhaps the greatest ramification of this man’s actions was the endangerment of the resident panda’s life. All pandas are property of the Chinese government, therefore this caused tensions to escalate between the US and China with both sides pointing fingers at not only each other but others.

-It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!

-The CIA really should have  seen this coming. This monster’s leaked file was riddled with instabilities. He was mentally unstable and his moods seemed to turn on a dime. The CIA have declined to comment.

-All lies! I can’t believe it!... Ryan better start talking.


Abandoned Building

-I’m back. It’s time for you to start talking.


-Well looks like we’re off to a good start. Now you either start blabbing or your luxurious vacation to this wonderful resort will be hit by a hurricane.


-I see how it is. I wonder if you’ll change your mind after a few more days of Hell.

-They know I’m missing George. They’ll find me. And kill you. If you let me go now maybe I’ll put in a good word for you for old times sake. And the electric chair might not be your final stop.

-Wow, that’s a change of tone, buttercup. Trust me right now your boss and the CIA think you’re investigating KGB spies in Venezuela. They aren’t expecting you back anytime soon. Or coming back at all for that matter.

Phone Call

-Hello, who’s there?

-The one who set you up. I’m really pleased to see that you have obtained the underling I got to do it. What was his name again?... Oh yeah Ryan. Well that doesn't matter anymore. You’ll probably kill him before he talks.

-What do you want?

-Just letting you know you can’t win.

Break Room, Abandoned Building

-That call didn’t look that pleasant. Was it your mother? A breakup? The world's ending?

-No... I wish. It was the God damn scoundrel who framed me.

-What’d he say? Whatever it was hit a nerve or two, kid.

-Pretty much he said I won’t prove myself innocent.

-If it makes you feel any better back in my army days whenever we got a call from the enemy it meant they were worried. Or waving the white flag.
-Guess that’s a better way of looking at it. I need to get back to Ryan. It’s time to try a new angle.

-Time for the fake phone call strategy?

-Exactly, just be ready to pick up when it rings.


Abandoned Building

-Okay, Ryan. See these tantalizing tools? It’s time for you to talk. Or that hurricane I talked about will be coming up the coast straight for you.

-I.. I.. I.. just want you to promise me George. Th… Th... That when this is over. You’re going to let me go.

-Sure. You’ll be out of my hands.

-What? Out of your hands?

-Yeah, Ryan. After all of this you’ll be nice and far up the river without a paddle.

-Then why should I tell you anything? If you’re just going to toss me in the slammer, George… I’m afraid I don’t see the point.

-Let’s just say if you don’t cooperate, I’ll toss you in jail with all of the best buddies you’ve met while being at the CIA. I’m thinking maybe putting you in with that gang there. Remember? The ones you busted from Japan, the fishermen. I bet you guys would have a great reunion. And let’s not forget your buddies from your extracurricular activities that’ve put you here.

-Okay… Okay… George, I’ll cooperate, just don’t put me with those guys. They used to skin their enemies like their fish. And that wasn’t a very exhilarating mess to cleanup.

-Good. It looks like we have an understanding.

-What do you need to know?

-Well, for starters, who do you work for?

-They’ve probably given you a call, George.

-Come on now. I can hear those fishermen sharpening their rusted fish gut covered knives.

- Okay. The guy had short black hair. Sort of a small stature and-

-I was trained the same damn place you were. I know you’re just dodging the questions like a squirrel dodges cars. Get on with it.

-Maybe later George. Remember you’re guilty in the world’s eyes. They are more interested in you being up the river than me.

-I can’t believe you don’t remember my pal. The warden at Big Sandy. But then again you always made me fill out the paperwork… partner. Over the years I've made sure he’s gotten all of the prisoners he wants. He owes me one. I’ll just give him a call over at Big Sandy and see what wondrous real estate I can get you.


Phone Call

-Hello, is this Big Sandy Penitentiary?

-Yes, this call will be monitored and recorded.

-Good. I'd like to talk to the warden. I’m George Waldern, he’ll want to talk with me.

-Very well, forwarding your call.


-Hello George, long time no see! How’s the CIA treating you? Have any fresh blood for me?

-Yes! Well actually there is one right-


Abandoned Building

-No! Wait! Okay, I’ll tell you. They never had a name. They would never meet me in person. They would only call me.



-Get on with it! Give me something to work with! Spit it out! I’ve just about had it with you!

-Okay, okay. Calm down, George; let's not push to extremes here. We were partners, remember? I’ll call them set up a meeting. Just give me my phone.

-Ha! I know what you're up to. Trying to escape, huh? So much for that, partner! You’ll call them but first you’ll need a script and a bit more convincing story so we don’t have any funny business here.


Break Room, Abandoned Building

-I’m gonna have to do it.

-Do what George?

-Give Ryan a bit of a smack around.

-Kid. You can not do this. You have something against him. How do I know you won’t just kill him?

-You don’t.

-If you go too far, George, you will trash all that you have done to try and become innocent. It’s like if you went through the effort to clean your house right before you go about demolishing it.


-Trust me. I’ve seen men like you go through the same thing. Just don’t make the same mistake they did. Why don’t you just let me take care of him? Even if I accidentally go too far it won’t be on your pure innocent hands.

-That will not happen. Ryan thinks that I’m just one nutjob trying to prove his own innocence and I want it to stay like this.

-Just promise me you won’t turn into that nutjob. Promise me on your grandmother’s grave you won’t go too far.

-I’m sorry but I can’t keep that promise.

Abandoned Building

-Cracka lacka ding dong. That was such a fun time! I haven't had that much fun since we had training in Guantanamo, partner. Truthfully I’m surprised that guy we practiced on survived after all of the waterboarding we did to him. He was as asleep as a kid writing an English paper.


-Come on now. That wasn’t the worst part of this adventure.

-Yeah, you son of a gun. You damn near killed me.

-Lighten up. I just did what you framed me for. You burned and tore people apart so I decided to return the favor. Truthfully you don’t deserve much better.

-But I wasn’t the one, George.

-No, you were. You might have not given the order but you did the act.

-I had no choice George.

-No. Everyone has a choice. Especially when so much is on the line. Not only was your partner’s life... my life on the line, but also quite a few innocent people's lives.

-Then why did you make the choice to keep me alive? I saw the devilish look in your eyes. All you were focused on was ending me in the slowest way possible.

-Fair enough. But let's just say I listened to a wise man’s advice. I’ll see you in a few days.


Break Room, Abandoned Building

-Finally. I’ve broken Ryan.

-Please just tell me you didn’t physically break him.

-Don’t worry, I listened to your advice. Ryan’s a bit beaten up but give him a few days and he’ll heal.

-Thank God… what’s the next step, kid?

-I’ll need you to obtain some of the CIA’s fancy dancy equipment so we can set it up before we finally catch the guy who set me up.

-Okay, sounds good.

-Now it’s time to get working on the script for our friend. I’m thinking something with a lot of screaming for help, calling me a nutjob, then begging to have a meeting in the park after escaping from a monster’s grasp.

Abandoned Building

-Okay, Ryan. Time for you to give your devil of a boss a call.



-Do you see the damn bastard through this bush?




-Still no show. Maybe he’s not coming; this area is pretty open. That pavillion over there is really the only cover around. Maybe that scared ’em off.


-You know what’s weird?


-The crashing ocean waves and brisk sea breeze. Just got me thinking that the guy who set me up had to be higher up in the CIA than me and Ryan. They would’ve needed a lot of clearance to set me up. Sure, Ryan was able to lay down evidence pointing to me and actually do it. But I saw my files before, and the leaked ones after the disaster, and they were definitely heavily modified. To make it seem I was the clear suspect.

-That is weird, kid. 

-Also it was a huge suprise you actually assigned me to guard the ambassador’s visit. I had never gotten a case anything like-

-I’m sorry George. I wish I didn’t have to do this to you. I only wanted the best for you but business comes first-

-Wait! What! No, no, please, just put the gun down boss!



-Hopefully it was only you and me who heard that gunshot kid. The noise of the ocean’s crashing waves should’ve covered it up. Just like how they’ll cover you up in a bit.


-Nice idea picking this lush green park for the meeting. No one is around. No one could hear a gunshot or any commotion from here for that matter. And the ocean is a perfect place to hide a body.


-You aren't very talkative are you kid. Well if it makes you feel any better you were my favorite and most successful pupil. It really did pain me to pull the trigger. You were just too smart for your own good.


-Don’t give me that look. I tried my best to prevent this.


-Remember, I was willing to interrogate... aka kill Ryan before you got answers. But you wouldn’t let me. Not only that, but I even tried devoutly to veer you off my scent. Yet you missed every single one of my hints! Oh, it was probably a terrorist cell that did it. Or nobody at the CIA had the brains to do this.


-But I guess I did have the brains!


-Oh, my bullet… it didn’t quite go all the way through, did it? How did I miss at point blank range?


-Believe it or not, I used to be much a better shot, kid.


-Well. I’m off to wrap up some strings with Ryan. Have fun. Tell me how cold the ocean is.

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