June 3, 2017
By , Philadelphia, PA

  The letter lay untouched on his desk, its creases marked by dust. He left without saying goodbye, and now Ashley, is left broken hearted, trying to figure out what she did wrong. She hasn’t heard from her husband in weeks so she went over to his house. Ashley walks over to the desk and picks up the letter. As she begins to unfold the letter, she begins to cry. “ My beautiful wife Ashley” read on top of the letter. “Ashley, my love I didn’t know how to tell you this, but I am dying. I didn’t know how to tell you this, but I have cancer.” Ashley hearts drop. Ashley was away on a job trip and haven’t heard from her husband all month that she was gone. “ You might think this is a selfish way to tell you, but I couldn’t look into your eyes as I broke your heart with this news.” More tears slide down Ashley face. “ I love you more than ever and it hurts me to leave you.” But Ashley’s husband Drew, didn’t know something. What he didn’t know is, Ashley is pregnant. So now she’s very hurt and emotional because she has a child that she’s carrying and the father is gone. Ashley sits on the bed crying and shaking in disbelief. She pulls her phone out and calls her mom and tells her what the letter says. Her mother comes and picks her up and comforts her. Ashley looks at her mom and says “mom, I have to tell you something.” Ashley’s mom looks at her and says “ What’s wrong?” “ Mom, I’m pregnant.” Ashley mom looks at her with this confused look on her face. “What do you mean?” “ Mom, I’m 5 months pregnant.” Nobody noticed that Ashley was pregnant because she has been baggy clothes lately to hide her pregnancy. Ashley stands up and shows her mom her stomach. Her mom heart drops. Ashley is pregnant with a baby girl and is now scared and stressed out. She wanted to surprise her husband when she got back about her pregnancy, but she has no idea where he’s at, or if he’s gone. Ashley’s mom looks at her and says” Well, come on we are going to Drew’s mom house to see what’s going on.” Ashley and her mom goes to Drew’s mom house. They knock on the door and Drew’s mom comes to the door and lets them in. Ashley looks at Drew’s mom and asks about Drew and show’s her the letter. Drew’s mom reads the letter in shocked because Drew has never told his mom about this, and guess what? It’s actually a lie. Drew left Ashley to be with another woman and they’re about to find out because as they are reading the letter Drew walks in with another woman to meet his mother. As they walk in, everybody stops and just stares at them. Ashley instantly snaps on him. Drew tells her that he has actually fallen out of love with her, but didn’t want to hurt this way, he has fallen in love with this new woman named Trish. Ashley looks at him and tell him that she is pregnant and shows her stomach. Drew is in shocked and so is everyone else. Now Drew is torn, because this woman is carrying his child but this woman Trish, He is in love with him. Drew looks at Trish, and grabs her hand and picks her. He looks at Ashley, and says, “ I will be there for my child.”  Drew and Trish leaves and Ashley Is left heartbroken thinking what did she do wrong. But sadly, later on that night, Ashley couldn’t take feeling heart broken, so she took her own life.

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