Cinderella the Twisted Ending

June 2, 2017
By sophia.gabrielle BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
sophia.gabrielle BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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People are unusual, peculiar they never turn out how they seem. People make up stories to make them seem “perfect”. Although they never are. You may have heard the happily ever after of Cinderella. Wipe every memory or every thought of that story because it never happened. The real story is what I’m about to tell you. Cinderella was far from perfect…
The girl called herself Cinderella. She was quite beautiful, stunning even. Cinderella had long curly blonde hair down to her shoulders. A look that can kill, a look everyone had envied. That look that fooled everyone that she was okay. She wasn’t. The young girl lived in a lonely attic in a grand old house.The blonde beauty lived among the reign of her terrible stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Cinderella spoke to herself as if someone was in the dusty attic with her. However, there never was. Although  in her mind… there were young mice one wearing a red cloak and hat. There other had  a slightly robust figure, and wore a yellow shirt. The two animals were called Jaq and Gus they were labeled as her two best friends. Truth was neither existed.  “Cinderella, Cinderella get down here immediately and wash my clothes. I want them cleaner than you do you hear me!”yelled the wrinkly devil in flesh.“Yes ma'am”  said the the sweet girl. She took the basket to the wash room where the mice whispered to her.
Bursting through the wash room door came in her satanic sisters, looking repulsive. However, that wasn't new. “Cinderella, you would not have a life without us. You know if your dimwitted father never married our mother you would be living on the streets where you belong. What a shame isn’t Drizella” said Anastasia. “Yes what a shame that was.” spoke the warm hearted girl. Anastasia and Drizella flipped their hair and pouted as they walked away. As if they wanted her to be upset. However, that was quite impossible, Cinderella made a vow to herself that she would stay pure, innocent and loving just like her father wanted her to be. Three years ago he died a mysterious death. Most would say the Lady herself killed him. Although, Cinderella was not one skepticize, she stared into the distance as a tear ran down her porcelain cheek. She quickly swept it away as Lady Tremaine went to yell at her for taking what felt like forever. Ella swiftly finished after that, then went to her awaiting her next order. “ Cinderella get the mail and make me a snack I’m feeling quite peckish. After that go feed the horses.” stepmother spoke. “Yes madam” Cinderella replied.
As approaching the mailbox on the dirt trail her house ended on she saw a special note. The note that looked like it came from royalty; it was white parchment with a beautiful caligraphy font. It invited the Tremaine family to the royal ball at the palace. Cinderella was so excited she ran to her stepsisters hoping they would let her go. Drizella snatched the letter out of her hand and laughed “As if.” Cinderella ran to her stepmother hoping she would say yes. Although she burst into laughter like it was a joke and said “ If you get all your work done sure!” She handed her a list and laughed walking away.
The girl being determined as ever she swept, cleaned and did everything on the list before the ball had started. Lady Tremaine about to head out for a special dinner (Cinderella thought was a another name for the royal ball) gave her once again another list of things to do. After the evil woman had left the threshold Cinderella sat down and cried thinking her chances of going to the ball was over. Her stepsisters came to her looking ready for the ball that didn't exist and Anastasia said “ Cinderella not even close to going to the ball and still looking as ugly as ever. I guess things never change.”
The hallucinations walked away and new ones entered Gus and jaq sat there looking at her in disappointment. The once curly blonde hair was now frizzy and dusty. That smile that once made everyone smile back turned into a frown. Then appeared a miracle or a fairy godmother some would say. With a simple Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo she gave her things she never thought she could have like a carriage, a beautiful gown, and magical glass slippers. The fairy godmother was the motherly figure she never had. That she wish she had. “ Cinderella, Cinderella go to the ball and be back by 12 or the magical things will be gone!” said the magical fairy. And off Cinderella went. Off in the beautiful carriage looking like a true princess. However, to most people it would look like a girl riding a bicycle in an old dingy dress. She arrived at the so called ball in the castle on the other side of town. Although, the castle has been closed down for as long as most can remember.
She walked into the abandoned castle that has been long gone for years and imagined. She imagined the great halls covered in gold curtains that shined so bright it hurt her eyes. Then, the music, the music that was so melodious it gave her butterflies. Cinderella looked up and saw the prince. The prince with the biggest grin his face. Happiness that she could never have. The girl in the gown looked around and saw no one that she knew. Not even one face she recognized. After all the glamour was gone, she snapped. They all turned and looked at her screaming criticism. That she was the reason for her father and mother’s death and that she could never get a man let alone the prince.
She then realized that there was no letter, no ball, no prince. At home there was no stepsister, no fairy godmother and no mice. That she had nothing  to lose because everything was already gone. Time passes the letter was just a remnant of it. Of the last ball before she was even born. Sure the sisters were annoying and the mice were filled with judgement but at least someone was there.
Sadly, she had to go back to the Lady, and deal with the hallucinations that were never going to go away. She sat in the dust piled castle and cried. Wishing for the pain to go away. Within all the dirt she found a piece of broken glass. The hallucinations were telling her life was no longer worth it. I can’t say she didn't think the same thing. She slowly picked it up and brought it to her wrist. The few minutes of pain will bring her eternal happiness. That happiness to make up for the lifetime of disappointments.
Some people don’t live the happily ever after or the once upon a time. We take what we get, and there is no way to change that. There were no antidepressants nor were there people that cared. Cinderella had schizophrenia. She was far from perfect...

The author's comments:

Princess's are always percievd as perfect, but people aren't. So why are they the exception.

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on Jun. 14 2017 at 8:56 am
This is a really good story and it made me understand schizophrenia a lot more than I originally thought. The story is very detailed and has so much passion. I encourage the author to write more pieces of art, such as this one.

mtaylor said...
on Jun. 13 2017 at 12:17 pm
This is amazing soph

on Jun. 13 2017 at 12:15 pm

on Jun. 13 2017 at 12:00 pm
this is so talent i love it so much i love how you based your story on my life oh gtg the mice are calling for me


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