Superficially Invisible

June 7, 2017
By , Albuquerque, NM

There is a girl who has no name. She lives in a place no one has ever gone to before and no one has ever seen or met her. She is sad all the time and sometimes her sadness is so intense that it bubbles beneath the surface.

Until it explodes

The used to be just a memory, but she is back. Everyday, she is there. Sad and lonely. She is afraid of the dark place she lives in, but is afraid to escape. The outside world is a scary, demeaning place for her and she is not ready to be a part of it.

The morning brings sorrow at the thought of another day to live through. The night brings relief at the thought of another 8 hours of an unconscious life.

No one knows her, no one has ever her. She lives in a dark, dark place beneath the superficial. The only time she truly appears is when all there is left is an empty pill bottle and a frozen corpse.

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