March 23, 2009
By Dash.wood BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
Dash.wood BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was strange! I walked cross the stale side walk and saw my door fly open and the wind gusting in. The clouds turned grey as I held forth slowly into the house. I didn’t know what to expect, but the only thing going through my mind was it’s probably my mother and father. I turned quickly down the hall way. The chair scratched the floor with fear. I couldn’t tell if I was going crazy but I swear I could see a flustering shadow move when I was completely still. My hands couldn’t stop shaking as I dropped my books and book bag slowly on the wool floor. I could feel my blood rushing to my fingertips as my mind forced me to pick up the knife that lay on the counter. It was sharp and so clean that I saw my frightened reflection grace on it. My brain told me to lift the knife in the air and keep my mouth shut. As if though my brain knew something wasn’t right.

My feet were almost iced frozen (due to the fact that all the blood left my body in the mist of the cold.) I turned slowly trying to get the tingling sensation out of my foot when I heard a crash. Something so soft but had a lasting effect on my stained heart. I didn’t think. My feet quickly unfroze and all I can remember at the moment was how I slowly tip-toed down the hall way. My heart skipping every beat as I quivered down the basement’s long stair case. It felt as though oxygen was unveiling in my lungs and I was escaping every breath I could take. The lights were off. My eyes felt dark and all I could see was a vision of a muddy light blood color and screams heard endless through my ears. Before I could think “hey my parent’s cars aren’t park in the drive way” some one’s cold hands stick on to the knife and threw it on the floor.

The sound of me screaming was interrupted as the stranger placed his hand over my mouth. He whispered “Shh I’m, not going to hurt you,” He placed me on a chair and tided my hands and feet so I couldn’t move. My whole life started flashing before my eyes. A vision of me not going to high school or college was all that entered my dense mind. The man began to grab old and dusty antiques that my mom collected in her spear time. I could tell he been to other places in the house as he planted the items in his stretched bag. He didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was talking as long as I didn’t scream. “You know your not going to get away with this” I said. “If you let me go and put all the things back I wouldn’t tell any one” I tried to show reason behind the hard situation, but the guy was inflexible and just kept on placing everything in the bag. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting warmer in the big room. My breathy turn flaming hot and sweat started peering from my head. I brought my self to start moving. I shifted my weight up out of the seat as the guy moved to the other side of the basement. My feet planted of the ground with my but hanging in the air. I moved slowly near the guy who didn’t even see my shadow quivering in the dark abyss. I flipped around turning my back to his and slammed the chair on him. The chair broke, I was free and the guy went tumbling down.

Impressed by what I’ve done I grabbed the phone and began to run. I rushed my self out side as quick as possible. I didn’t even feel my feet. I dialed 911 in the middle of the street. Before I could know it the cops were here. They ran inside my house and daggered the guy with a teaser. His was unmasked and his face was dripping with angry. I had my life back, and friends were on my side praising how brave I was. My parents couldn’t stop apologizing for not being there. It was heart breaking but I just said “I’m fine”.

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I wrote it for class

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on Apr. 8 2009 at 9:30 pm
Megatron SILVER, Creswell, Oregon
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Nice! I really like the plot line and all the details you used. It could use a bit of editing, though. There were a few grammar mistakes. But besides that, all good!

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